8+ Best WordPress Directory Themes – 2023

Are you looking to create an online directory? Finding it hard to find the best WordPress directory themes?

Don’t worry. We have made it simple for you by filtering the 8 best WordPress directory themes which you can use to create a comprehensive online directory.

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ListingPro – WordPress Directory Theme

WordPress Directory Theme - ListingPro

ListingPro is one of the best and most reputable WordPress directory theme on the market today. If you are looking for a theme that includes everything needed to create an online directory, ListingPro certainly fulfills those requirements.

ListingPro Theme – Key Features:

  1. AutoPilot Submit: This is my favorite feature in this theme. In the front-end submission, you could just enter the business name in the title, and auto-fill will automatically appear using the GoogleMaps API.
  2. Advanced Search and filter: They have an excellent search which can instantly yield the search results for category, title, tags, and more. It also has an advanced filter option where users can quickly narrow the search results with filters like price, open/closed, near me, etc..
  3. Ad Campaigns: They also have a fantastic advert manager tool for displaying ads on your site. You can target ads to a customer searching for a specific category, tag, or feature in a particular location.
  1. Easy set-up: The set-up is effortless where you could get everything perfect in just a few clicks.
  2. Fastest growing: Though they have been around just for a while, their sales growth is exceptionally high, which clearly shows us the worth of the product.
  1. Documentation could be improved. 
  2. Customer support should also be improved.
  • $69 for 6-month support
  • $90.38 for 12-month support.

Wilcity – Directory WordPress Theme

Wilcity is my favorite theme on the list and the most impressive one. Wilcity is a fantastic WordPress directory theme with a lot of features that make running a directory listing super easy.

Wilcity Theme – Key Features:

  1. Distance calculation: This feature has impressed me the most. This feature will help you to find the hotels nearby the distance measured.
  2. Ratings: Customer can leave a review on your app straightaway. You can also customize the review fields for each directory-type yourself on the web version.
  3. Login page: You can also create a custom login/register page yourself. This is also fully customizable.
  1. They have more and 2100 sales in less than a year, which shows the value of the product.
  2. The pricing is extremely low, considering the number of features they provide.
  • $41 for 6-month support
  • $51.88 for 12-month support.

Directory – WordPress Theme

WordPress Directory Theme - Directory

This is another popular, responsive directory theme for WordPress which lets you create, manage, and monetize a local or a global directory site.

Directory Theme – Key Features:

  1. Integration with Woocommerce booking plugin: They have made a complete integration with the Woocommerce booking plugin which will turn your directory portal to a fully-fledged booking and reservation system.
  2. Visual Composer Plugin Compatibility: They are fully compatible with the visual composer page builder which lets you create beautiful layouts for your pages and posts with a simple drag and drop interface.
  3.  Responsive: They are entirely responsive and will look great on every device. They also provide a dedicated mobile app view option.
  1. They could be very easily customized.
  2. The design of their appearance is beautiful.
  1. The pricing is quite expensive.
  • $89 for one site
  • $189 for 5-sites.
  • $299 for unlimited sites.

YellowPages – WordPress Directory Theme

YellowPages is the child theme of the WordPress directory theme we have discussed above. This theme is ideal for building a city guide or business listings directory.

YellowPages Theme – Key Features:

  1. Home page: They have a beautiful home page design which can be used in three different ways. You can place an attractive image slider with custom images, Image slider to show business listings category wise or you can place a Map which shows all the listings available.
  2. Searchable Map: They have a tremendous searchable homepage map which shows all the listings, categories, and users can also it to find listings.
  3. Sidebar: They have a significant and prominent sidebar which works great for displaying categories.
  1. They have an average rating of 4.98 based on 2547 reviews.
  2. Customer support is extremely fast and friendly.
  1. The pricing is quite expensive.
  • $89 for one site
  • $189 for 5-sites.
  • $299 for unlimited sites.

UrbanGo – Directory WordPress Theme


UrbanGo is the youngest and fastest-growing directory and listing theme in the market today.

UrbanGo Theme – Key Features:

  1. User dashboard: This theme comes with an entirely intuitive dashboard which allows you to keep full track of your listings, saved searches, claimed items, etc.

  2. Google Maps: You can display every listing location and pin it right on the google map. Maps are fully customizable and can be modified to fit your style.

  3. Advanced Search: Their Advanced search feature helps you to search the listing by tags, categories so that you can locate them quickly and easily.

  1. They have just entered the market and are growing so rapidly, which shows their value.
  2. Customer support is outstanding.

Set-up is a bit hard for beginners.

  • $85 for 6-month support
  • $112.38 for 12-month support

Splendor – Hotels Directory WordPress Theme

The Splendor is a well-designed WordPress directory theme which enables you to create, manage, and monetize a fantastic directory of hotels, motels, lodges, or any rental accommodation.

Splendor Theme – Key Features:

  1. Front-end listing submission: They have a neat front-end listing submission where users can register on your website and submit their listing. Users can also manage their own listings. You can also add a listing as admin from the dashboard.
  2. Unique home page: You can display a unique banner on the homepage for every city. This is ideal if you want to give each city on your directory website its own identity. 
  3. Custom fields: You can add any number of custom fields which can be made to show on listing submission page, category page, and homepage.
  1. They have an average rating of 4.98 based on 2547 reviews, which is really impressive.
  2. They have an “Easy Install” function, and you get to import a fully-functional site demo, complete with sample content in just a few clicks.
  1. The price is quite high.
  • $89 for one site
  • $189 for 5-sites.
  • $299 for unlimited sites.

BusinessFinder – Directory WordPress Theme

BusinessFinder is a unique WordPress directory theme developed by the directory theme developers.

BusinessFinder Theme – Key Features

  1. Page builder: They have an excellent page builder which will have everything you need for your business or personal website. You can simply drag and drop the available elements from the right-hand side to your page.
  2. Payment system: Business Finder has a built-in secure payment system for those looking to make a paid listing directory. PayPal is integrated with Business Finder, and recurring payments are also accepted.
  3. SEO optimized: All basic SEO options are available right out of the box via page builder. Both the code and design are optimized for search engines.
  1. The pricing is much cheaper compared to other themes.
  2. They have been regularly updated for last 6 years and are very well experienced.
  1. Some extension plugins are needed for this theme to work, which clearly has frustrated many users.
  2. Speed could be improved.
  • $59 for 6-month support
  • $76.63 for 12-month support.

Directory PRO WordPress Theme

This theme has been in ThemeForest for more than 6 years and is highly qualified and experienced. No doubt, their consistency, and commitment to this theme are incredible.

Directory PRO Theme – Key Features:

  1. Drag & Drop Page Builder
  2. Over 30 elements to build your website
  3. SEO Tools
  4. Geolocation support in km and miles
  5. Front-end registration for guests
  6. Advertising spaces
  7. Listing by location or category
  8. Google Analytics & Google Maps integration.
  1. They are very experienced.
  2. The pricing is very cheap compared to other themes.
  1. They do have some consistent negative reviews over the last few months, which I believe would be considered by the team seriously.
  • $59 for 6-month support
  • $76.63 for 12-month support.

I believe this article helps you to find the best suitable theme to create an online directory. 

Feel free to let us know in the comments your most favorite one in this list.

And if we have missed any good directory theme in the list, feel free to let us know about it.

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