5 Best WordPress Food Blog Themes – 2020

Who doesn’t love food? the majority of us being food lovers, there is a lot of scope for food blogging and websites that offer recipes of our favorite food.

Are you a company or an individual wanting to set up a food blog where you can post your yummy recipes or talk about your love for food? When it comes to creating a food-based website or blog you may feel it’s not your cup of tea. With general themes, it’s not eye-catching for the viewer nor does it make your recipes or blog stand out.

But to make things simple let me show you a few of the WordPress food blogging themes that are so simple, clean and offer relevant imagery to complement your recipes and blogs.

Without further ado, here are a few of the WordPress food blog themes of 2020 that I found were on the top of the list.

Foodie Pro Theme:

Foodie Pro theme is the most mentioned theme for food bloggers online, standing at #1 place as a Genesis food blog theme, which is a go-to for those who are starting off as food bloggers. It has a minimalist style and tons of color choices and different types of typography options.

It is built-in using the latest HTML5 markup which makes it even more polished with clean codes. You have all the freedom to use whatever color you want for your blog, no need for built-in color schemes. It is the most selling genesis child theme by StudioPress themes for WordPress.


  •  Security: Since it has the goodness of Genesis Framework which is one of the most trusted theme framework amongst WordPress users. On purchasing this theme, you can be at ease. Not only that…
  • Loads Fast: Genesis Framework is light-weight and is properly-coded resulting in page loads to process faster. It is said that 47% of people walk away from your blog forever because of the more than 3sec load time.
  • Layout/Widgetized:  Foodie Pro has become a game-changer by offering unlimited layout options. You can download and import all the widgets that are on the demo site which are just a click away.
  • Customization: It is an extremely mobile-responsive theme which is a lead ranking factor. It doesn’t have a preset color-scheme option which gives you the freedom to choose relevant colors to go with your branding. It involves visual editor so you can easily customize the size, color, and font of your typography. It has built-in featured posts section on your homepage to display your blogs and contents.
  • Plugin and Recipe Archive:  you obtain custom-designed recipe archive page in Foodie Pro. All your recipes will be stored in an archive where your readers can easily access it. You can categories recipes like dinner, appetizers, etc. You also have a search form where you can search for any recipe by typing in the keyword. The best part is all your recipes will be auto-indexed which means it doesn’t require manual updates every time you publish a post.
  • You also have a separate shop section on your blog using a WooCommerce plugin you can sell your products on the go and easily make your food blog monetized.


  • This theme can be a little expensive
  • It requires time to set up the theme, for changing and placing things as you please

Foodica PRO Theme:

Foodica is one of the beautiful and sophisticated WordPress theme design that I have come across. If you are a food blogger or a kitchen blogger this theme would be a really good choice for you. This theme is easy to set up, easy to customize and has multiple features that will assist you with your food blog.

This theme also offers you features like slider, WooCommerce integration, Social Media widgets banners and so much more. The best part is that this theme is compatible with the new WordPress block editor called Gutenberg by providing Recipe Card blocks, ingredients, directions, etc.


  • Foodica offers a really elegant design that will make your recipes or food posts stand out.
  • Good for beginners as it is uncomplicated to use
  •  It has good documentation
  • Compatible with the WordPress classic editor and also the new WordPress block editor


  • All the widget area that is able to be seen on the free demo are not available (Like Homepage slider)
  • Few of the widgets that are shown in the demo aren’t available in the free version like WPZOOM: Author Bio or WPZOOM: Image Box
  • Adding recipe cards applies only to the block editor (Gutenberg)

Boyo Theme: 

If you are a beginner and are looking for free WordPress themes, this theme might suit you best. This is one of the modern style WordPress themes that I found which gives us the desired outcome.

It Is exceedingly customizable, has clean coding and also comes with numerous color choices. So many options for post types, clean fonts that are readable.

Its load up time is fast and works well with SEO.


  • The Boyo theme offers a modern design
  • Allows demo import
  • Good for beginners as it is uncomplicated to use
  • It offers clear documentation
  • Compatible with the WordPress classic editor and also the new WordPress block editor


  • This theme doesn’t offer the recommended plugins.

Foody Lite Theme:

If you’re looking for a simple theme, this theme will be the best option for you. Foody Lite is a simple and light-weight WordPress theme. This is a free theme you can use for kitchen blogging or food blogs.

It has inbuilt social media icons, newsletters, and it allows you to create a WooCommerce store with upfront and elegant design too. Foody Lite theme has the WP Recipe Maker free plugin which allows you to add recipes to any post or page.


  • Good for beginners as it is uncomplicated to use
  • Has a Pro version with more blog layouts and powerful features


  • The typography and design that this theme offers, needs improvements

Veganos Theme:

This theme is another simple and minimalist theme. This WordPress theme is free and built by WordPress block editor called Gutenberg. Its responsive design gives you an attractive and remarkable food blog. Veganos offers multiple features like testimonials, shops and etc. The typography offered in this theme is modern and easy to read. If you are someone who is looking for a kitchen based blogging theme, this is your gig.


  • Veganos offers attractive and stunning design
  • Allows demo import
  • Good for beginners as it is uncomplicated to use.


  • This theme doesn’t offer recommended plugins

Final Word

And there are many more WordPress themes that offer themes for food blogs that are free and paid. Depending on what you’re looking for, I suggest that you would choose themes that compliment your branding, your style, and requirements.

Do you like the WordPress Food Blog themes in this list? Are you using any of the themes? Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section.

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