7 Best WordPress Frontend Editor Plugins – 2023 (Find out which is best for you)

A WordPress frontend editor is a tool that helps you to make the changes that you want to make in a post or a page without having to go to the Dashboard of your website, every time you wish to make a change.

It simply saves you a lot of time. You don’t need to keep in memory of all the changes you want to make in a post. You can quickly make the changes then and there. It also makes the writing process easier.

There are various plugins with Frontend editing capabilities. Let see the best WordPress Frontend Editor Plugins – 2023.

HelpieKB WordPress Plugin with Frontend Editor

HelpieKB is an advanced WordPress Wiki plugin with a great Frontend Editor. It has a friendly Medium.com like frontend editor. Modern looking wiki websites, also Wikipedia like websites with a Facelift!

It works well with any decently coded theme and could be used with Elementor page builder and Elementor Pro’s Template builder.

Features of HelpieKB

  • The frontend editor is Text and Media-rich so you can add Images, GIFs, Videos and more with the frontend editor.
  • Has a Revision system so that you can restore to previously edited versions of the posts.
  • It allows for frontend posting with an “Add New” button which can be switched ON and OFF for various users.
  • It has Dynamic Capabilities by which you can control who can add, edit, publish, and approve articles.
  • It is SEO Optimized and compatible with Yoast SEO plugin.
  • It has an automated Table of Contents (TOC) with in-page navigation. You can also toggle topics for better navigation.

You can only use HelpieKB’s frontend editor for Wiki posts. But if you want to use it for your blog, why not use the wiki posts as your blog post. Wiki posts have all the functionalities of blog posts and they are even better.

HelpieKB plugin has a 7-days free trial, so you can download and test the frontend editor yourself, before buying it.

Download HelpieKB plugin with Frontend Editor

WP User Frontend Plugin – Frontend Editor for WordPress

WP User Frontend is an all-in-one frontend editor  for WordPress. It is a very powerful and feature packed plugin, such that it can be called as a frontend builder. It has both free and pro version.

The free WP User Frontend plugin includes a frontend dashboard, frontend editor and also a frontend uploader for use cases such as WordPress user profiles, post submissions, and memberships.

Features of WP User Frontend – Free

  • Create unlimited frontend forms for any post type with a Drag & Drop interface
  • Upload attachments such as Featured image, post image,etc., from the frontend
  • Allow unregistered user to submit guest posts with Email verification
  • Can be integrated with a WordPress membership plugin to allow users to pay per post submission

Features of WP User Frontend Pro

  • Can give an individual dashboard to your registered users
  • Allows restriction for uses such as content restriction, and menu restriction, also you can use conditional logic for these restrictions
  • Comes with predefined form templates that can be customized
  • Offers 20+ custom modules such as BuddyPress, Paid Memberships Pro, User Directory, Social Login, User Activity, Stripe, MailChimp, and more

Get WP User Frontend Plugin Now!

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Elementor – WordPress Editor

Elementor is the best free WordPress page builder plugin. It has an “Edit with Elementor” button on the frontend which takes you to its editor. Here, you can drag and drop various elements and also add, edit and delete content and see the changes in real-time without doing back to the Dashboard.

Key Features of Elementor 

  • It has a good version history where it stores all the edits. You can restore the version of the edit which you need.
  • Has a visual and intuitive drag and drop page builder with 30+ Elements
  • Elementor Pro version has a template builder where you can design your own blog templates. HelpieKB can be integrated with the template builder so you can set the templates for your Wiki frontend editor.

Download Elementor Now

Editus – Frontend Editor for WordPress

Editus is a feature-loaded frontend editor plugin for WordPress. It is created by the team behind the Aesop Story Engine plugin with which it can be integrated.

Features of Editus

  • It has a friendly and intuitive editor that helps to edit content in real-time.
  • You can add and edit categories and tags from the frontend.
  • You can also add other components such as images, maps with markers, parallax galleries, chapters, and more with the frontend editor.
  • The editor can be extended to work on custom post types and custom fields.
  • It supports WordPress Multisite.

The pricing starts from $99 for 3 sites. Though it seems like a good deal at first, it might be costly for people who want to use it just on a single site.

Download Editus WordPres Frontend Editor

Frontier Post WordPress Plugin

Frontier Post is a free WordPress frontend editing and frontend posting plugin. Not only can you edit the post from frontend you can also publish new content from frontend. It removes your need for going to the Dashboard.

Features of Frontier Post

  • Not only can you edit the content of the post, but you can also edit the Categories, Tags, and other Taxonomies
  • You can add, edit and delete posts and pages from the frontend
  • What makes it powerful is that you can restrict the editing access of your users based on the User roles. You can set which user role can add, edit, delete and publish posts.
  • It can be extended with other free Frontier plugins such as Frontier Query, Frontier Media, Frontier Restrict Media, Frontier Restrict Backend, and more

It’s a very good plugin, but it doesn’t have a premium version which makes me worry about the support. But the WordPress forum support for this plugin is decent.

Download Frontier Post WordPress Plugin

MotoPress WordPress Editor 

MotoPress Editor is a free WordPress content and page editor which is a combination of frontend content editor and a page builder. It comes with a real-time frontend content editor, it is much more than that.

Features of MotoPress WordPress Editor 

  • You can edit using a WordPress TinyMCE editor from the frontend.
  • It has a drag and drop page builder with 30 content elements useful for designing your blog pages such as Sliders, Vimeo and YouTube elements, Tabs, Accordions, Table and many more.
  • It has some useful premium add-ons which you can use for more functionality. for such as Pricing Table add-on, Video add-on, Contact from add-on, and some more.
  • It has good typography options with Google Web fonts and it supports WordPress Multisite.

It only works with newly created pages and pages created with this plugin. It cannot be used to edit your existing content unless you want to design the whole page with MotoPress.

Download MotoPress Content Editor

WP Quick FrontEnd Editor (No longer available)

WP Quick FrontEnd Editor is a simple but very useful free WordPress frontend editor plugin that allows you to add, edit and save the content of a post or page without having to go to the Dashboard for every small change you want to make.

Features of WP Quick FrontEnd Editor

  • The edits are made from the frontend using a WYSIWYG editor that is 100% responsive.
  • It is Ajax based so you don’t need to refresh your page to see the changes.
  • You can restrict the frontend editor with User roles, so you can control who gets to edit from the frontend.
  • There is a premium version with additional features and property support.
  • The premium features include using frontend editor on Custom Post Types, adding Features Image from the frontend, adding media from the frontend,  dynamic table generator, and more.

The plugin is known to have some bugs, especially some conflicts with other plugins and themes. So I would not recommend it for WordPress Beginners. But if you really need it, then buy the premium version of the plugin so you could get better support which would be a great help for a beginner.

What do you think of the frontend plugin in this list? Have you tried any of them? Tell us what you think of this post in the comments section.

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