WordPress Forms to Google Sheets Connector

Google Sheets is a very popular spreadsheet web application that is included as part of the Google Docs Editors suite applications.

Many businesses and business analysts use Google Sheets to organize, analyze and visualize information.

It can be integrated with other Google products and popular web applications.

WordPress is the most popular platform that many businesses and organizations create their business sites and blogs. So that many users would use both WordPress & Google Sheets and would want to integrate them.

What are the WordPress and Google Sheets integrations possible?

Since both WordPress and Google Sheets are versatile and powerful there are many different ways to integrate WordPress and Google Sheets for different uses.

1. Pull Google Sheets data from WordPress site – fetch data from Google Sheets and display it on your website

  1. Auto-update Google Sheets data on WordPress site at regular intervals
  2. One time fetch from Google Sheets

2. Send WordPress Contact Form Submissions to Google Sheets – send data  from your site such as Contact Form 7 submissions, wpforms entries, elementor form submissions, etc.

3. WordPress and Google Sheets 2-way sync – add data from WordPress Contact Forms or other sources to Google Sheets and also Google Sheets to WordPress

4. Create new WordPress posts & pages using data from Google Sheets

Let’s see how we can implement these different ways to integrate Google Sheets and WordPress.


Tablesome is a one-stop-shop solution for Google Sheets-WordPress integration. You only need Tablesome WordPress plugin to meet all your Google Sheets integration needs.

You can do all of the different ways of integration that we have mentioned above with Tablesome plugin.

What are the Google Sheets-WordPress and other integrations available in Tablesome Pro?

You can do many things such as:

  • Pull data from Google Sheets data to WordPress and display it in a beautiful table on posts and pages
  • Auto-refresh and update data from Google Sheets on your WordPress site
  • Integrate using Google Sheets API and add, edit or delete Google Sheets data from your WordPress site
  • Send Form Entries collected using popular form plugins such as Elementor Forms, Contact Form 7, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Fluent Forms, Forminator etc, to Google Sheets. A new record will be added in Google Sheets when a new form is submitted.
  • WooCommerce order data can be sent to Google Sheets when a new order is placed
  • Sync post fields with Google Sheets columns and bulk add/edit WordPress posts and pages
  • Save Contact Form 7 submissions to table and even display them in the frontend if needed.

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Let’s see some other solutions available for Google Sheets-WordPress integration.

WordPress Forms to Google Sheets – Video Tutorial

Embed Google Sheets in WordPress posts and pages

It is easy to embed a Google Sheets spreadsheet on your WordPress post or page.

  • To do this, go to the spreadsheet you want to embed and then click File → Share → Publish to Web 
  • Then click ‘Embed’ and copy the iFrame link
  • After copying the link, go to the editor of the page or post where you want to embed the spreadsheet and paste the link and publish/update the page or post
  • If you’re using the Gutenberg editor use the HTML block, HTML Widget in the Elementor editor, or the Text tab in the Classic editor.

Though the direct embedding process is very easy, it is not recommended because it has some disadvantages.

What are the disadvantages of embedding Google Sheets directly to WordPress posts and pages? 

  • The biggest disadvantage is that at times the Google Sheet spreadsheet may not load on your site
  • Even when it is loaded it would be slow if you’re using Datatable features like Sorting, PivotTable, etc.,
  • Since its an iFrame it will not be responsive especially on mobile devices
  • The page with the spreadsheet embedded will load slowly and it might get you to lower on search engine rankings. It would be a problem if you’re looking to SEO optimize the page.
  • Also, it would cause a problem with your branding since the fonts and colors of your site would not match your site.

WordPress plugins to pull Google Sheets data from WordPress site

All other methods to pull Google Sheets data from your site involve the use of WordPress plugins. Let’s see some of the plugins for Google Sheets-WordPress integration:

Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer 

Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer is a free WordPress plugin to easily turn the data stored in a Google Spreadsheet into a beautiful interactive table that is searchable and sortable. You could even create charts and graphs with the spreadsheet data. It also allows embedding live previews of PDF, XLS, DOC, etc,.

Send Contact Form Submissions to Google Sheets

If you’re looking to store WordPress contact form entries somewhere Google Sheets is one of the best options because you can contact and send data to other popular apps easily such as Zapier, Mailchimp, etc., and also you can manually export the data in multiple file formats.

CF7 Google Sheet Connector 

CF7 Google Sheet Connector is a free plugin to connect Contact Form 7 plugin and Google Sheets. You just need to create a new Google Sheets spreadsheet and give the Sheet & Tab IDs to the plugin. It automatically adds data to a new record in the spreadsheet.

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GSheetConnector WPForms

GSheetConnector WPForms is a free plugin to connect the WPForms plugin and Google Sheets. It works the same way as the Contact Form 7 connector works (as mentioned above). It makes use of the Google API V4.

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WooCommerce editing from Google Sheets

WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products is a free bulk editor plugin for WooCommerce products with which you can bulk edit products in a spreadsheet-like interface. Not only can you quickly edit products in bulk, but you can also bulk create products too.

In its premium version, it allows importing spreadsheet data from Excel or Google Sheets.

Create New WordPress Posts & pages with Google Sheet

Other than Talesome Pro there are no solutions that automatically create a new WordPress post when a new record is added to the Google Sheets spreadsheet. But there are solutions to add a CSV file manually.

Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress

Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress is a free plugin to import posts and pages into WordPress using CSV or XML files. You can create a data table that matches the WordPress fields, add new pages/posts as new records and save the file as CSV. Then you have to import the file into WordPress using this plugin and your new WordPress posts/pages will be created.

What do you think of the solutions we have mentioned to integrate WordPress with Google Sheets? Which solutions are you using on your site? Are there any new ways or products that help to integrate Google Sheets and WordPress?
Let us know in the comments section. 

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