Please make sure to check our docs before contacting us as most of your questions will be covered in our documentation. Please make sure to check our plugin requirements also before contacting us.


If you are experiencing any serious issue like a fatal error or our settings completely not working, please follow these steps first before sending us a ticket. (We would recommend you to follow this for any issues)

  1. Deactivate all your plugins and see whether the issue still happens. If not, then the issue has happened because of a conflict with one of your plugin. Try activating one by one to find the culprit.
  2. If that hasn’t solved the issue, try changing your theme to any default theme (We recommend Astra). If that has resolved your issue, it is due to conflict with your theme.
  3. If the plugin or the theme that causes the conflict is properly updated and you are not interested in going for an alternative, please send us your issue mentioning the name of the plugin or theme that causes the conflict. You can contact us by creating a support ticket here.
  4. Please check your debug and console log. (Send this to us also while creating the ticket).
  5. Make sure nothing is outdated like very old versions of WP, Php and MySql. We recommend you to use the latest version of Helpie anytime. 

If you want us to reproduce your issue, please send us your admin access and FTP access. Please note that we are not responsible if any site break happens when we reproduce the issue.

Not all plugins and themes would be properly coded. So anything could happen. We would highly recommend you to send us your staging site instead of live site. Also take a complete backup of your site before sending it.

We have a strong technical support team. So even if any issue happened while reproducing due to some plugin or theme, our team could quickly find and resolve it if you provide us your FTP access. We would not be willing to work if we do not have the FTP access. 

We just want you to know that we follow this stricter policies just because we value our customers business and website so much and do not want to cause trouble in any least way.

You can create a support ticket here. We usually respond within 24 hours of time from Monday to Friday (IST). 

Our Support includes:

  1. Fixing Bugs
  2. Assisting with how to’s of our plugin.
  3. Any doubts on our plugin.

Our Support does not include:

  1. Style customisation.
  2. Custom coding.
  3. Support for third party plugins.