Introducing FAQ Categories – Ordering / Sorting Options!

In the most recent version 1.9.3 of the Helpie FAQ Pro plugin, we added FAQ Category Sorting and Ordering capabilities. Let’s see whats new in this version.

Helpie FAQ comes with the best in class and unique options for sorting and ordering single FAQ items on your WordPress site. You also have an option to display FAQs organized within FAQ Categories using the ‘Group FAQs by’ Categories option. So many Helpie FAQ users have requested us to give sorting options for FAQ Categories.

FAQ Categories Sorting:

Using the new FAQ Category sorting options you can arrange the categories based on the options listed below. You can apply the ascending or descending sort based on the options below:

  • Menu Order – a custom ordering for FAQ Categories
  • Articles Count – the FAQ Category with most numbers of single FAQ items.
  • Publish Date – the FAQ Category with the most recently published single FAQ item
  • Updated Date – the FAQ Category with the most recently updated single FAQ item
  • Alphabetical – the first letter of the FAQ Category

To access the category sorting options in your site, go to Helpie FAQ –> Settings –> Display & Layout –> Category Sorting

FAQ Categories Custom Ordering:

When you choose the “Menu Order” option you get the option to set a custom order to your FAQ Categories.

To do this you have to go to Helpie FAQ –> FAQ Category


Here you can find the ‘Order’ field in which you can give a number to each FAQ category and the order which you give here will be applied on the frontend FAQ page.

Before you can apply FAQ sorting you have to assign a category to each FAQ item and then choose the ‘Group FAQs by’ Categories option by going here – Helpie FAQ –> Settings –> Display & Layout –>Layout/Grouping Settings

Why Wait?

Existing Helpie FAQ Pro users, you can easily update to the latest version on your site to take advantage of these features.

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