Tutor LMS – The Fastest Growing Free LMS for WordPress

Tutor LMS is a free WordPress learning management system and course plugin that enables the creation, delivery, and management of eLearning projects. It lets you manage various aspects of online courses, including course creation and management, tests, assignments, and quizzes. With over 70,000+ active installations, it has become a renowned player in the LMS market.

Being a complete, feature-packed WordPress LMS plugin, it helps you create and sell online courses. Whether it is about creating challenging quizzes or getting insightful reports about the courses or learners, Tutor LMS can help you do that, without the need to write even a single line of code.

Also, it is an all-in-one Learning Management System that can be used by individual instructors, educational institutes, and can be used to create a WordPress-based LMS platform.

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Tutor LMS – Key Features 

Tutor LMS comes with comprehensive features to allow you to create engaging online courses. Some of its core features are:

Frontend Course Builder

One of the primary solutions that educators seek from an LMS is the ease of use and a built-in feature list to choose from. While creating online courses, you obviously do not want to sit and create a list of features first, which takes a lot of time.

Tutor LMS caters to all such needs, with its revolutionary WordPress Frontend Course Builder where you can drag and drop the course builder. Just drag and drop useful items in the course, and they become ready to be published. The course builder also has a user-friendly interface and plenty of customization options to make the course creation process much easier for you. Instructors can see how their course looks in the live site without having to go backend.

Advanced Quiz Creator

One reason behind the success of any online course is the level of engagement it can garner from its targeted audience. The more you can engage learners with your course, the better the learning experience they will have. A quiz is one common course element that you can utilize to enhance user engagement.

Tutor LMS comes with a cutting-edge quiz creator to allow you to add quizzes to your online courses. You can choose the quiz type and get full control over the quiz settings, where you can limit the number of attempts and answering time.

Here are some of the quiz types you can choose with Tutor LMS:

  • Image matching/answering
  • Rearranging/ordering
  • Short answer type
  • Open-ended
  • True / False
  • Matching (Pro)
  • Image Matching (Pro)
  • Image Answering (Pro)
  • Ordering (Pro)
  • Certificate Builder (Pro)

Certificate Builder

Simplified eLearning Management

After the successful course creation, course management is the next big thing that you need to work on. It requires the chosen LMS plugin to give you the settings control over diverse aspects of online courses.

With Tutor LMS, you can stay on top of everything related to the course you offer. It makes managing your eLearning platform much easier. You can do the following with this LMS:

  • Add as many online courses as you want through this WordPress LMS plugin.
  • Include one or more instructors to a course after reviewing their profiles.
  • Set course prerequisites that learners must complete before proceeding to a new course.
  • Award professionally designed certificates to the learners after they complete the course.
  • Make the students ask a question to their instructors via the student forum.

Insightful Course Reports and Analytics

Continuing to offer a course that does not attract a significant number of learners does no good to the educators or educational institutes. To analyze course performance, you need in-depth details that showcase various insights related to the course.

The insightful course analytics available with Tutor LMS is enough to give you a complete overview of courses, enrolments, reviews, quiz attempts, and much else. You can use its filtrable stats to modify the learning material offered through your courses. You can also:

  • Maintain content security by giving authorized-only content access to the students
  • Upload files to courses for enrolled students only
  • Allow the users to set their password and reset it if they forget it

On the front end, learners can also track their performance by checking out active courses, complete courses, and results in the dashboard.

Course Monetization

While offering online courses, it is crucial to address the need for monetization to grow the user-base. One of the many parameters to be considered while choosing an LMS software is the monetization features. With Tutor LMS, you can build paid courses and sell your courses as products on an eCommerce portal while also getting WooCommerce and EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) plugin support.

With Tutor LMS, you can sell courses with:

  • Access multiple payment gateways for online payment processing
  • Give free courses to students as a step towards increasing course popularity
  • Offer one-time purchase plan for online courses
  • Provide lifetime access to the exclusive learning material

You can also benefit from earning and commissions allocation options inside this popular LMS software. Whether it is about distributing or setting commissions, Tutor LMS can help you manage it all.

List of Tutor LMS Pro Add-ons

Tutor LMS software also comes with 15+ premium add-ons to add more functionalities to the eLearning platform. These include:

1. Tutor Course Attachments

It can be used to include class materials in documents and make them available for download to the students

2. Tutor Course Preview

It is meant to offer a few courses on trial to interested learners before they enroll in a course

3. Tutor Certificate

This add-on helps you offer well-designed certification to students after course completion.

4. Tutor Email

Using this add-on, you can automate sending various emails for course enrolment, course completion, and others to both teachers and students.

5. Tutor Multi-instructors

With the help of this pro add-on, you can add multiple instructors to individual courses.

6. Tutor Reports

This pro add-on provides powerful stats about course performance to analyze and improve the course content.

7. Tutor Prerequisites

Create prerequisites by defining a set of courses that students need to complete before enrolling for a new course.

8. Tutor Assignments

Create and give assignments to students so that they can submit easily with a number of useful settings to assess students smartly.

Tutor LMS Shortcodes

Tutor LMS comes with 3 unique shortcodes.

  1. Student Registration – [tutor_student_registration_form]
  2. Instructor registration – [tutor_instructor_registration_form]
  3. Dashboard – [tutor_dashboard]

Tutor LMS Gutenberg blocks

Has 3 Gutenberg blocks that can be used in combination with the shortcodes.

  • Student Registration to create a signup page for students
  • Student Dashboard block for students to see their profile with the course they’ve enrolled to and other details
  • Instructor Registration block to create a registration page for teachers

Tutor LMS Integrations

Tutor LMS Theme

Tutor LMS has been designed to work seamlessly with all the modern WordPress themes. But if you want to use the best WordPress theme for Tutor LMS, you can go with the Edumax theme which is exclusively created for this plugin with a theme demo that you can import.

There are also 3 other exclusive Tutor LMS WordPress themes namely Docent Pro, Langauge School, and Skillate.

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Tutor LMS Reviews

The free Tutor LMS plugin has received 4.6 out of 5 stars from 477 user reviews. It has received many 5-star user ratings for excellent customer support. If you’re a beginner who will need the help of customer support to setup and run your eLearning website, I recommend that you upgrade to the Tutor LMS Pro plugin.

Tutor LMS Support

For free plugin support, you have to use the support thread in the WordPress repository, they’re active there. For pro plugin support you have to log in to their site to create support tickets. They’re very responsive and provide good customer service.

Tutor LMS has well-written documentation to help you setup and create online courses that you can find here. You can get in-depth details about Tutor LMS, be it the basics, course builder, extensions, e-commerce, migrations, add-ons, and integrations in their documentation.

There are no official tutorials other than the documentation but there are several Tutor LMS tutorial videos available on a video created by WordPress users.

Tutor LMS Comparison with other LMS Solutions

Tutor LMS vs LearnDash

Users have mentioned that Tutor LMS has better customer support than LearnDash, but LearnDash comes with more features such as Drip-feeding lessons, more extensions, 3rd-party integrations, and themes. Also, LearnDash is SCORM Compliant, you can migrate from other LMS solutions and Tutor LMS does not have these options.

LearnDash also comes with better eCommerce features with LearnDash and WooCommerce integration.

Tutor LMS is not SCORM compliant. But it has a free option and gives you an Instructor Role, so if you’re an instructor based eLearning website you would choose Tutor LMS.

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Tutor LMS vs Masterstudy LMS

Tutor LMS and Masterstudy LMS both have free versions but Tutor LMS free plugin has more powerful features but has limited styling options.

But Masterstudy LMS gives you integration with virtual classroom software integration such as Google Classroom integration and also has some better frontend course editing options.

Tutor LMS vs LearnPress

LearnPress is a very popular free WordPress LMS Software and it has very powerful features when compared to the Tutor LMS plugin, such as extensions, 3rd-party integrations, themes, and many more.

But for ease of use, quick learning and course creation,  and customer support you should go with Tutor LMS. Also, pricing is simple with Tutor LMS and if you’re going with LearnPress you have to buy individual pro-addons.

Tutor LMS vs SAP Litmos and Docebo – Premium LMS Software

If you want to compare Tutor LMS with the best LMS software available, you can see that it has clear advantages to create an academic online education website.

Tutor LMS Free Vs Pro

Download Tutor LMS Free plugin

Tutor LMS Pro Pricing

For Tutor LMS Pro there are 2-types of pricing plans – Annual and Lifetime deals.

Annual – 1 year of support and updates

  • Single License – $139.30 / year
  • 10 License Pack – $279.30 / year
  • Unlimited License – $559.30 / year

Lifetime- lifetime of support and updates

  • Single License – $349.30
  • 10 License Pack – $629.30
  • Unlimited License – $1,329.30

Get Tutor LMS WordPress plugin Now!

Hope you found all the information you needed regarding the Tutor LMS plugin. If you want us to cover more related content and you some questions, please share it in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Tutor LMS – The Fastest Growing Free LMS for WordPress”

  1. Thanks for this detailed review. Around last year while researching different LMS, reviewers like you helped me in choosing Tutor LMS as the LMS of choice. We opted for their premium lifetime plan. Less than a year later, it is a different story. I am writing this so that your readers may benefit from the customer support experience that I went through. Though the company has made an attractive product, their technical support is poor. We had couple of issues. We raised several requests. But none were addressed. Maybe while looking at similar products for review, you may consider post sales support as a factor. Hope this helps!

  2. Based on our analysis, Tutor LMS is good for sites which have less number. As soon as the number of online students go beyond 100 , it crashes. We tested it on an ultrafast dedicated server with 32 gb ram. Too bad, that you do not consider scalability in your analysis. Also note several sites were hacked because of the vulenerabilities in TutorLMS, Please do a proper analysis : https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2021/03/several-vulnerabilities-patched-in-tutor-lms-plugin/

    1. In your analysis, you mention – “As soon as the number of online students go beyond 100 , it crashes”.
      I think this could be some specific issue. You should contact their support and have this issue fixed.
      Currently Tutor LMS has around 40,000+ active installs and I’m sure none of them would be using it if they also face the same problem.

      Regarding the security vulnerabilities, it is normal for plugins to have some vulnerabilities. Almost all popular WordPress plugins have has vulnerabilities at some point. The security vulnerabilities you have mentioned have been fixed about 6 months ago. Refer here to see when they have been fixed – https://wpscan.com/search?text=Tutor%20LMS

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