Integrating FAQs with Woocommerce Products

A Pew Research Center survey found that being able to ask questions is important for 83% of U.S. adults when buying something they haven’t bought before. A lot of them don’t want to call up to get answers; they would want to find answers by themselves. This is where an FAQ section on a product page becomes very useful.

According to a case study by, adding an FAQ section on a product page increases conversions by 11.5%. This a very significant increase conversions considering the fact that traffic is not easy to generate.

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FAQ section on WooCommerce product page

Adding an FAQ section is generally not that easy with WooCommerce. You have to add a tab with the pre-existing  “Description” and “Reviews tabs to add an FAQ section. If you have coding skills, you can add some code snippets and do this work.

If you don’t have any coding skills, then you have to buy a premium FAQ plugin which allows you to add an FAQ tab on the Woo-Product page. The price may range from 20-50$ per year.

Is there any other option where you don’t need coding knowledge and where you don’t have to pay? Yes, there is! Use Helpie FAQ free plugin!

Helpie FAQ – WooCommerce Integration

Helpie FAQ plugin is a free plugin which was launched recently on With Helpie FAQ answering customers common questions has become very easy. It has seamless WooCommerce integrations with which you can create an FAQ tab for individual WooCommerce products.

You can add the FAQs with same Categories and Tag of WooCommerce and use these categories and tags to sort the FAQs to be displayed. You can also choose to hide or show FAQ tab on the individual products page.

How to add FAQ Tab to WooCommerce Products?

You can download Helpie FAQ plugin from our website or from the backend of your WordPress website. Then you have to activate the plugin.


After activating you can find Helpie FAQ menu on your WordPress dashboard. Here you can find an “Add New” button, click it and add the title and contents of your FAQ.

Then choose the specific WooCommerce “Product” or “Category” on which you want this FAQ to be shown. Then add specific Tag to the FAQ on the “Add Tag” option.

After filling all the information, click the “Publish” button. Your FAQ will be published on the specific WooCommerce product which you have chosen.

If you want some more clarification. Click this link to see the video tutorial on youtube.


Helpie FAQ comes with a live search option which will be displayed along with the FAQ section. You can choose to show / hide the search bar. You can also limit the number of FAQs to be displayed on the product pages.

Auto Ordering of FAQs

FAQs auto ordering is a feature on Helpie FAQ Pro which is very useful and effective in answering your customers questions. When there are many FAQs, it is harder for Customers to search and find the question they have in mind. Helpie FAQ Pro orders the FAQs based on the number of opens an Accordion has and this helps to find the most useful FAQ which will give the best answer to your customer.

Advantages Of Helpie FAQ Plugin.

1.  Many WooCommerce stores do not an FAQ tab on product pages. The reason is, they find it difficult to add and manage FAQs on individual products when you have hundreds and thousands of products on your store. But with Helpie FAQs you can manage any number of products because you can integrate it with categories and tags of WooCommerce and manage FAQs centrally on the backend and not on individual product pages.

2.  It’s free, so you don’t need to pay 20-50$ every year.

3.  You have good support with HelpieWP’s support team working to fix any bugs and issues. Our team wants to improve Helpie FAQ to meet customers needs, so the feedback and feature request we get is seriously handled.

4. Helpie FAQ plugin can be integrated with Helpie Knowledge base plugin so that you can connect your WooCommerce products and FAQs with the respective knowledge base articles.


Other Useful Functions of Helpie FAQ


Elementor Integration –  Helpie FAQ can be integrated with Elementor page builder so that you can use the FAQ widget as an element on Elementor and you can change the spacing, styling, background colours and everything just by using Elementor. When you combine WooCommerce and Elementor, you can build a great FAQ section.

Display Anywhere – You just need to create the FAQs once, and then you can display them with on any page, on a WooCommerce product, or even in your sidebar. You can create an FAQ section anywhere inserting a simple shortcode into your content or a widget.

Searchable – Using the live search option of Helpie FAQ users can easily search through your questions and answers. You can choose to enable / disable the search bar on any page.

Looks and Visibility – The FAQs are displayed in the form of Accordions, and it has a Light and Dark theme styling options which gives good looks to the FAQ section.

Limit the Display – You can limit the number of FAQs which you want to display on your page.


Checkout the features of our Helpie FAQ free plugin on the product page

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