Helpie FAQ Shortcode Builder Block for Gutenberg Available Now!

Since, the Gutenberg block editor is gaining popularity WordPress users prefer to add FAQ using the block editor.

To help Helpie FAQ users to add FAQs using the block editor, we have introduced the new Helpie FAQ – Shortcode Builder block in the latest version of Helpie FAQ (v 1.9.8).

The Helpie FAQ Shortcode Builder block allows you to not only add FAQs to the page, but also customize all its elements such as Title, Search bar, Display layouts, Pagination and more.

  • To add FAQs using this block, go to the page you want to add the FAQs and search for “Helpie FAQ Shortcode”
  • Add this block to the section you want
  • In the block choose the display options you want your FAQ section to have
  • Then click “Insert Shortcode”
  • When you save your page and see the preview, you can see the FAQ is add to the page

Note: If you want to modify the shortcode using the builder, you have to remove the previous shortcode that was added using the block, before you create new custom shortcode.

Helpie FAQ Block Fixes

Also, there were some issues with the previous released Helpie FAQ block which was also fixed in this release.
The functions of this Helpie FAQ block is deprecated with the latest version of WordPress. So we recommend that you use the Shortcode Builder block instead of the FAQ block. If you are already using the FAQ block, we recommend that you move to the new block.

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