HelpieKB 1.9.3- Introducing Onboarding and Automatic Demo Import

We just released HelpieKB v1.9.3 with Onboarding and 1-click demo import. Creating a WordPress knowledge base just got more easy with Helpie knowledge base plugin.

Especially for WordPress beginners who do not have much experience working with WordPress CMS, now you can setup your KB-Wiki with a personal and positive onboarding experience.

What’s in the Helpie Onboarding?

The Onboarding in Helpie KB v1.9.3 gives you an assurance that you have found the right solution and helps you to get acquainted with the tool. You can start right away to create your knowledge base without having to go through a learning curve.

How Helpie Onboarding works?

When you install HelpieKB plugin for the first time, you get a welcome message with a ‘Go to Setup Page’, when clicked it takes you to the Onboarding page.

In the Onboarding page you can do the following,

1. Choose what you want to create such as,

  • Knowledge Base
  • Wiki
  • Documentation

2. Name your Knowledge Base / Wiki / Documentation

3. Give the Slug (URL of your KB post type)

1-Click Demo Knowledge Base Import

After you’ve given the name and the slug, you will go to a page where you can choose the Helpie Demo site that you want to import. You can see the Helpie Demo sites in detail here.

Pick the demo site that resembles the site you want to create. You can edit and customize your site after the demo site has been imported.

Selecting Wiki Categories to Import

Helpie Onboarding also gives options to import the dummy Wiki Categories along with the dummy articles and images. This helps you to import the demo wiki category pages and single articles pages with their settings and styling as in the demo site.

You can do the following,

  • Import ‘All’ the wiki categories
  • Import only the selected wiki categories
  • Not import any wiki categories by leaving the column blank

You don’t need to worry about the hassle of deleting the dummy Wiki Category pages later, because Helpie also gives you options to delete these imported pages in bulk. We’ll cover this below.

Installing and Activating the Associated Theme and Plugins

The Helpie Demo sites are created with the following,

If you want to exactly reproduce the Helpie demo sites, you need to install and activate the theme and plugins mentioned above.

Helpie Onboarding will direct you (As seen in the previous image) to install these free tools, so install and activate them before you click ‘Finish’ button in the Onboarding page.

Once you’ve finished with the Onboarding process, you can see that you’ve reproduced the Helpie Demo site. You can click the “View Main page” option to see the Main page that has been imported.

You can also try creating your own wiki categories and articles.

Deleting the Dummy Content

You can modify the imported dummy content or you can simply delete the dummy content in bulk.

  • To delete the dummy content, go to the Dashboard and click HelpieKB-Wiki → Helpie Settings
  • In the Helpie Settings page you will find a ‘Demo Import’ tab. Here you can select and delete the dummy content you want to remove.

Hope you have a wonderful Onboarding experience when using HelpieKB.

If you haven’t tried HelpieKB, now you can start a 7-Days free trial!

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