Design your own Knowledge Base templates with Helpie + Elementor’s Template Builder

You can create custom templates for you knowledge base with Elementor page builder plugin and Helpie WordPress Knowledge Base plugins.  Helpie Knowledge base gives you Elementor Theme Builder integration which harnesses the power of Elementor to create your own knowledge base template.

What you can do with this Knowledge Base Template feature:

  • Create customs templates for your knowledge base Main page, Single Article pages, and Category pages.
  • Apply different templates for different articles and pages using Elementor’s Display Conditions
  • Use all of Elementor’s widgets especially Dynamic widgets on your knowledge base articles

Here’s a sample Helpie knowledge base article using a Helpie Default Template. It’s simple, elegant and serves the purpose.

When you get creative and want to design it in a new way, you can use Helpie Knowledge base and Elementor theme builder integration.

In the picture below, the same article is given a customised design using Elementor Template.

The Page Layout, Fonts, and Colors are all changed with Elementor. We have even added Elementor widgets such as Social Share Button, Author Box, Post Info, etc., This is just a sample, and you can do much more customization with Helpie and Elementor.

You can also apply different templates using specific conditions like Wiki Categories and Tags using “Display Conditions” option and show difference where ever you want. Just set it once and it will be displayed everywhere on your knowledge base!

Please note that Theme Builder is a feature of Elementor Pro version. So if you’re using Elementor Free version you need to upgrade to Elementor Pro to enjoy this feature.

Know more about Elementor Pro, read a full review on Elementor Pro page builder!

With Helpie and Elementor free version you can design a main page for you knowledge base with the help of custom widgets of Helpie. But you cannot change the single article page or the wiki category page.

How to Customize Knowledge Base Single Article Template?

To customize your template; first change your knowledge base settings. Go to the  “Helpie Settings” on your website’s dashboard; you can find the Single page settings when you click the ‘Single Page’ menu. Here you have to change the Template Source from ‘Helpie Default Temple’’ to ‘Theme single Template’ and save the changes.

Add a New Template using the  Elementor “Templates” on the dashboard. In the New Template, select the template type as “Single” and Post type as “Article”, give it a name you want and then click “Create Template”.

After you have created a New Template, it’s time to customize. You can change the default Fonts, Colors and Page Layout using Elementor. You  have to add the elements “Post Title” and “Post Content” to display the Title and Contents of your knowledge base article template.

Now you can add all other Elementor elements (widgets) that you want to show in your knowledge base template. You can also use Helpie’s widgets such as Table of Contents, Stats section, Category listing and Hero section into your template.

Applying Elementor Display Conditions to your Knowledge Base Article

After adding all your customizations to the template, click the “Display Conditions” options using the arrow icon in the “Publish” button. Add a condition to include “All Articles” (as shown in the picture above) and then publish your template. Now you have successfully customized you knowledge base article template with Elementor.

Setting Different Templates for Single Articles

If you want to apply different templates of different articles and categorie, select ‘All Articles’ and in next column select all the pages in which you want this template to be applied.

Another way to do this, you can also add a ‘Exclude’ condition to exclude all the articles which you don’t want this template applied. You can create another template and apply it to these excluded pages. In the mean time they will have the default Helpie templates which you can change in the settings page you Helpie knowledge base.

How to Create a Template for Knowledge Base Category Page?

We have seen creating custom templates for single article page. There is also a Wiki Category page for each of the Categories (topics) on your knowledge base. Lets see how to create a custom template for the Category page.

On your dashboard, go to Elementor Templates and click ‘Add New’. In the New Template page select ‘Archive’ as the template type, give the name of this template and click the ‘Create Template’ button.

You will be taken to a new page which shows a Template Library of premade made Elementor Archive templates like in the picture below. You can choose any one of these templates and modify it to suit your knowledge base site.

You can also create an archive template from scratch using Elementor ‘Archive Posts’ widget.  Find the Archive Posts widget on Elementor Pro’s control panel and drag it into the canvas. Edit the Archive Post like you want; choose the skin, no. of columns, image etc., You can also add add other widgets like Archive Title, Page Title, and other widgets as you like.

After you have done with the editing go to ‘Display Conditions by’ click the upward arrow button near ‘Publish’ like we did earlier for the single article page.

In the Publish Settings, add a condition to include ‘Wiki Categories’ as shown in the image and click ‘Save & Close’. Go to the Category page on your knowledge base and see the template you designed being applied to the page. You can come back to the template and edit it again until you get the perfect template.

We ahve created a Category page with just few minutes using the Elementor theme builder. You could create awesome custom templates for your knowledge base categories using is this feature.

Unique Template for each Kowledge Base Category

You could set different templates for each Wiki Category; People might want this when they have limited number of categories.

In the Display Conditions, you can set a condition which only includes the specific wiki category like in the images below.

You can also add another to exclude the category pages in which you don’t want this template to be applied.


Note: The Wiki Category page template feature is not fully tested like the Single Article template and so we cannot assure you that it will work well with any theme. But some of our experienced users are using this feature. If you are a new user please a free trial and try it with your theme before you buy Helpie. If is not working please report to us without fail, so that we can fix the issue immediately.

How to create a custom temaplte for your Knowledge Base Main page?

Helpie Knowledge base gives you 2 options to set any page as a main page.

1) You can create a page using Elementor (free version without theme builder feature) and set this page as your knowledge base main page.

2) Create a template and apply display condition for ‘front page’. (Can be used only when knowlegde base main page is your home page).

Creating Knowledge Base Main Page using Elementor

Creating a knowledge base main page is just like creating any other page with Elementor. Helpie gives you some custom widgets to create your knowledge base main page.

Helpie Elementor Widgets

There are 5 Helpie Elementor widgets so far and you can expect more in the future.

Helpie Hero Section – gives you a Hero section with a broad search bar and a ‘New Article’ button.

Helpie Table of Contents – a responsive table of contents to navigate your knowledge base

Helpie Category Listing – gives you a list of wiki categories/topics; you can choose which categories to be displayed.

Helpie Article Listing – list article on your knowledge base with some good sorting options.

Helpie Stats Section – display the statistics of the authors, topics, and articles on your knowledge base.

You can use these widgets along with other Elementor widgets to design an innovative main page for your knowledge base.

After you have designed the main page; go to you dashboard, on Helpie KB Wiki you ca find ‘Helpie Settings’. On Helpie settings go to Main page. Here change the main page from CPT archive to the page you want to be your knowledge base home page.

Creating a Knowledge Base Main page using Elementor Theme Builder

The Main page can also be set using Elementor Theme Builder. It can be done only if your knowledge base main page is the homepage of your website. Add a new Elementor template as a ‘Single’ post type and design you knowledge base main page with the Helpie widgets and the other Elementor widgets.

When you finished creating the template go to Display Condition and apply the template on ‘Front page’ and this template will appear on your home page. Though main page can be set using Elementor Theme Builder we recommend that you use the first method because it is a well tested and reliable method.

Switch to Elementor Pro to Customize your KB articles

This Elementor template builder integration is only available on Elementor Pro. With Elementor Pro, you can add many premium widgets to your knowledge base like Forms, Social share buttons, Navigation and many more. Build a creative and powerful knowledge base with Helpie and Elementor Pro!

Want to create a customisable Knowledge base like this, get Helpie Knowledge base plugin now!

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