Connect WPForms To Mailchimp – Download FREE Integration Addon!

If you are here looking to download the official WPForms Mailchimp addon, I would like to inform you that this addon is only available in the Plus plan of $99.50 per year. Some people are trying to download this plugin for free and end up downloading some “cracked” version of the WPForms Mailchimp addon.

Not only is this unethical, but it also puts your site at risk of attacks, because most cracked plugins have Malicious code added to them. You also will not get any support if you use a nulled plugin.

But there is a better solution for WPForms Mailchimp integration.

WPForms Mailchimp Free Addon

Tablesome is a free WPForms Mailchimp addon that you can use to automatically add subscribers to your Mailchimp list when new signup happens using WPForms. You can easily create Mailchimp newsletter signup forms using WPForms and Tablesome, to grow your email list.

Download the free Tablesome plugin and give it a try!

How to connect WPForms to Mailchimp?

We will see a step-by-step guide for WPForms Mailchimp Integration using Tablesome.

Quick Video Tutorial – WPForms Mailchimp Integration

Installing the Mailchimp addon

Mailchimp integration is not available in the WPForms core plugin, so you have to manually install the WPForms Mailchimp addon.  If you haven’t installed the WPForms Lite plugin, install it first, and move to install the addon.

To install Tablesome WPForms Mailchimp free addon

  • Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Click Plugins → Add New
  • Search for ‘Tablesome’,
  • Click the ‘Install Now’ button and after installation, activate the plugin

Tablesome would be activated on your site and your WordPress site is ready to be connected with Mailchimp.

Copying Your API Key From Mailchimp

To connect WPForms to Mailchimp you’ll need to copy your API key from your Mailchimp account. To do this:

  • Log in with your Mailchimp account
  • Scroll down the page and click on your avatar in the bottom left corner of the page
  • It opens an additional menu and here you have to click the ‘Profile’ option
  • On the Profile page you will see a set of options, here click Extras → API Keys

  • On the API Keys page, there’s an API keys section
  • Here you will find the list of generated API keys, copy the existing API key to connect with WPForms
  • If you have not previously generated an API key, then select “Create a Key” and can create a new API key
  • Copy the generated Mailchimp API Key and return to the browser tab or window with your WordPress site

Connect Mailchimp to WPForms

  • In your WordPress site where you have installed the Tablesome – WPForms Mailchimp addon, go to Tablesome Settings → Integrations → Mailchimp

  • Paste the Mailchimp API Key into the API Key field
  • When you’re ready, click Connect to Mailchimp and it will be connected
  • Once the Mailchimp is connected, you should see a green tick mark next to the Mailchimp section that says Connected
  • Then click the ‘Save’ button to save the connection.

Create a Mailchimp Subscribe Form using WPForms

We will create a form with WPForms and connect it to Mailchimp. If you’re already created your form you can skip this step and move to the next part.

  • In your dashboard, go to WPForms → Add New
  • On this page you could find a list of pre-made form templates, you could select a form template that suits your purpose and make the change
  • Or select “Blank Form” to build a form from scratch
  • For example, let’s select the Newsletter Subscription form
  • It already has Name and Email fields
  • You could add more fields based on your requirement
  • For example, let’s add a checkbox that asks them about the frequency of the newsletters

Besides newsletter subscription forms, you can also use our Mailchimp addon with your other forms such as your normal contact form, opt-in form, beta signup form, GDPR contact form, request a quote form, and any other form.

Create Workflow with Field Mapping

Now that we have created the Mailchimp signup form with WPForms, let’s set up a workflow using Tablesome for WPForms Mailchimp integration to add form a submitter as a subscriber to your Mailchimp audience.

To do this,

  • In your WordPress Dashboard go to Tablesome → Create New Table
  • Give this workflow an appropriate title
  • Now you have to set up Triggers & Actions in the toolbar on the left side of the table
  • Under ‘Trigger 1’ select ‘WPForms’ integration and choose ‘OnForm Submit’
  • Select the Mailchimp signup form that you’ve created in the ‘Forms’ field
  • A new ‘Action (set 1)’ section will be opened, here select the ‘Mailchimp’ integration and then choose the ‘Add Contact’ action
  • In the new ‘Select a list’ field you can select the Mailchimp audience / list in which you want to save the form contact

Then you have to map the Mailchimp fields with the WPForms signup list.

Also See: Integrate Contact Form 7 and Elementor Forms to Mailchimp

WPForms Mailchimp Field Mapping

Field Mapping helps to relate the signup form fields to the corresponding to available fields in Mailchimp. For example, you have to map the WPForms signup Email field to the Email field in Mailchimp.

  • Under the Match Fields section you will have both the Form field and the Mailchimp field
  • First, select the Form field on the left side and then select the corresponding  Mailchimp field on the right side
  • Repeat this process for each field in your WPForms signup form
  • Click the ‘Save Table’ button at the bottom to save your workflow

Note: Your Mailchimp fields have to have matching properties to that of the Form field. If you want to create more fields in Mailchimp, you can do so, by creating new form fields using the Mailchimp form builder.

Currently, Tablesome only comes with manual Field Mapping. We are working on automatic field mapping and will be available soon.

Applying Conditions Workflows and Tags To Mailchimp Contact

You could also set up Conditions for a contact to be added as a subscriber and add ‘Mailchimp Tags’ to the contact which is added. These conditions and tags help us to group subscribers such as Interest, Mailing preferences, etc., You need to upgrade to the pro version to access conditions and tags.

  • The Conditions option comes with 3 fields – Form field, Conditional operator, and Value. So you can apply conditions based on the values in each form field
  • For example, let’s set up a condition based on the “I would like to be updated” field
  • Apply “Equal to” operator and give the value “Daily”
  • Then in the ‘Tags’ field select the corresponding Mailchimp Tag, that is “Daily” tag
  • After selecting the Tag, click the ‘Save Table’ button and save the created workflow

You could also click the “Add another action” button and create a second action by repeating the same process but applying different conditions and tags for other values such as Weekly, Monthly, etc.,

You could also choose to save the WPForms entries to the table using Tablesome integration and Add Row action.

Now that you have mapped all the fields and applied conditions & tags, you can send test data from your WPForms signup form and see if the data is sent to your Mailchimp account.

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  1. Hi, this is a great addon for WPForms Lite/free users. However, as you have marketed Tablesome as a “free” addon to integrate WPForms and Mailchimp, I’m a bit disappointed that now conditions and tags are only available to PRO users. It’s not indicated in this tutorial that these features are not free.

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