Increase ROI using Helpie

We, at Helpie powered by Pauple, understand that one part of keeping your customers happy is to give them a very good product. The other equally/more important part is to provide them the best support possible. That is the reason we built this knowledge base.

When you want your customers to get clear, precise and up-to-date answers to their questions ASAP Helpie – the most advanced knowledge base is the answer!.

Below features of Helpie help will boost your ROI on customer support.

Keep Knowledgebase Fresh and Up-to-date with Helpie

With the front-end submission and editing, adding new articles and updating existing articles is all the easier.

You can add a new article from front-end using “Add Article” button. For the button to appear logged in user should have sufficient access privileges.

You can easily edit an existing article using the three dots on the upper right-hand corner of the article.

You could also edit individual sections of an article using the pencil next to the text of a section.

Find out what your customers like the most

You can use Helpie insights to smoothly and elegantly see all the essential metrics. It helps you understand what your users love the most and enabling you to identify areas that need improvement.

The Metrics that are displayed on the Insights page are:

  1. User Happiness Index
  2. Most Searched Keywords
  3. Key Users
  4. Key Articles
  5. Frequently repeated Keywords

Build a Self Service Portal using Helpie

We know that it would be great if your customers got all the information to solve their problem without having to look for support. That is exactly what this knowledge base enables you to build. You can rest assured that your support staff and customers find the relevant information in a fraction of a second with our powerful search.

Use Helpie to build your customer base, keep customers delighted and propel your growth.

Having a Knowledgebase that throws exactly what your support staff or the customers are searching for garners good ROI on your support investments. This also keeps the support staff and the customers are delighted. Try out Helpie now!!

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