Best WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugins – 2020 (Free & Paid)

No matter how big or small your business of selling products online is, you want more and more sales to continue growing your business. The traditional funnel approach of business marketing says that more prospective customers feel attracted to your website than those who feel engaged in it. The final conversion rate is even lower than that.

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One common flaw in the funnel-based business marketing is that you never know if the customers who have bought from you will ever come again. They leave the funnel’s conversion stage, and that’s where their journey ends.

However, a business that focuses on consistent growth of sales wants its customers to come back. Modern companies have changed their marketing methodology from funnel to a flywheel.

Now, you might be thinking –

“How can I attract customers to become loyal to my brand?”

You can’t deny the fact that customer’s loyalty is primarily based on the quality of the products you sell. But alongside, you can keep them coming to your WooCommerce website by giving rewards points for every sale. They can use these points to place an order again on your website, thus driving the business flywheel by themselves.

If you do not have the functionality of reward points developed for your website, worry not. Choose from the following best WooCommerce points and rewards plugins – 2020 that have been specifically designed for this purpose:

Loyalty Points and Rewards plugin by Flycart

With the Loyalty Points and Rewards plugin, you can run a dynamic loyalty program in your store. You can reward your customers with points when they perform specific actions like signing up, purchasing a product or writing a product a review. These rewards will make your engagement with customers fruitful and it will also elevate the reputation of your store.

A unique aspect of this plugin is the Referral program, with which you can encourage your customers with rewards when they refer your store to their friends. It has a new Launcher widget to create customizable chat popup like widget to reveal your discounts to convert your store’s visitors into customers.

Prime Features:

  • Minimum and Maximum order values can be set
  • Display total awarded points, total redeemed points, and recent activities in a dashboard
  • Rename your points with custom names
  • Reward points inclusive/exclusive of taxes
  • Check the individual details of your customers
  • View customer activity for a particular timeline with custom filters
  • You can round off points to the nearest integer value
  • Can customize your notifications and also get notified with a message when customers checkout
  • You will be notified with a message when products are added to the cart
  • Each customer will get a customized referral URL

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards

It has been scientifically proven that when you offer a gift to an individual, he or she will feel indebted to it. This can even end up making long-lasting relationships in life.

In terms of business, an unexpected gift in the form of rewards or points can help your customers stay loyal to your business.

There is YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin to add a loyalty program feature to your website.

Using this plugin, you can offer specific points for every order placed on your website, which can be summed up to get a discount on a new purchase.

Prime Features:

  • Easy to set restrictions in terms of number of items or total cart value
  • Possible to create different rules for different user roles
  • Ease of managing control given to diverse role to edit user’s points
  • Option to set the expiry date of points
  • Easy to add a dedicated section where users can see their points
  • Has Multi-currency support
  • WPML compatible and works well with all other YITH plugins
  • There is a free YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin in the WordPress directory with limited features. You can try it

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

Buying a product is just one aspect where you can offer rewards or points to your customers.

But is it the only way out there to build a community of loyal customers?

The answer is ‘No’.

That’s because your end customer would be ‘hungry’ for extra rewards they get on interacting with your WooCommerce website.

What if you want to offer rewards for many other actions to your users rather than just ordering a product?

This innovative WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin can help you do that. Using this plugin, you can give points to your customers for actions like signing up at your website and writing a genuine review for the product they have bought.

Prime Features:

  • Easy to set rewards a user would gain for each dollar spent
  • Better control over products and categories related to the rewards
  • Automatic adjustments of remaining points balance
  • Admin control to manage customers’ points
  • Easy to customize messages that appear when a user receives points or uses them
  • Available for use for a maximum of 25 sites altogether

myCRED – Points, Rewards & Badges

If you are a tech-savvy businessman, you may know that creating a loyalty program functionality on your website is an expensive affair. You might have even found certain plugins that charge a recurring monthly fee to add this function. The worst part is that these plugins might seek access to your customer’s data.

As a solution to all such drawbacks, there is myCRED is a free WordPress plugin that works well with WooCommerce a wide variety of third-party plugins.

It’s unique ‘Hooks’ features can help you award points to users for various actions on your site, be it ordering your products, filling forms or even visiting unique pages every day.

Prime Features:

  • Easy to give points, badges, and ranks to users
  • Compatible with plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, Gravity and many others
  • Dedicated log to browse points history for every user
  • Has some powerful premium add-ons like WooCommerce Plus, myCRED social proof, wheel of fortune, Elementor and others available

SUMO Reward Points

Giving rewards to your loyal customers is something that can help you grow your sales. But you would agree with the fact that not all businesses follow the same loyalty program strategy for their customers. Strategies and even rewards may differ from one business to another.

Particularly for your business, if you want to segment your customers based on the reward points they have earned, you may think of giving them different rewards too. For this purpose, the SUMO rewards points plugin can help you out.

Prime Features:

  • Easy to offer rewards at product, category or global level
  • Can set an expiry date to rewards
  • Highly manageable reward points conversion settings
  • Easy to create gift vouchers
  • Offer reward points for social promotion
  • ‘Refer a Friend’ add-ons available with SUMO plugins for referrals
  • Works with all WooCommerce themes
  • WPML compatible

WooCommerce Points and Rewards by WPWeb

One crucial aspect related to offering reward points at your website is the conversion rate setting. You want to set how much discount you can offer per point to a customer. This has to be based on your profit margins as you can’t offer your products to customers for free all the time.

You might have found some reward point plugins with which conversion rate setting is not as easy as it may sound. Worry not, as WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin is there for you. Using this plugin, setting a point-to-price conversion rate is quite easier.

Prime Features:

  • Easy to set threshold reward points per purchase
  • More control for reward point management
  • Manual editing of user’s reward points possible
  • Easy to set the validity period of points
  • Compatible with Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, PolyLang and many other plugins

WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards

With the use of a suitable reward point plugin, you can start attracting your customers for repeat orders. But in between all this, there is one thing that is often left ignored – tracking the customer’s activity about the reward point system.

Next to every business strategy, keeping track of its success is a must to analyze if it needs to be continued or not. The same is true for reward points.

Tracking which user has earned how much points becomes much easier with the use of ‘WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards’ plugin.

Prime Features:

  • Easy to get reviews on your product through reward points, which will further increase sales
  • Dynamic referral link generation
  • Easy to set restrictions for converting points into coupons
  • Various Shortcodes available for points and membership levels
  • Point expiration notification to push users to buy more
  • Functionality for users to share their points
  • Readily available point log detail
  • Supports Avada, Divi and Flatsome themes and works well with many popular themes


To offer reward points on your website, you might have thought –

“How much time does it usually take to start offering reward points under a loyalty program on your site?”

What about a free plugin with which you can set up a loyalty system in less than five minutes? Wondering if it is possible at all?

With WooRewards, it is possible for sure. This plugin can help you retain your loyal customers through the medium of reward points.

Prime Features:

  • Automatic generation of coupons for users
  • Easy to customize your emails and widgets
  • Translatable in multiple languages
  • Pro version comes with features like infinite loyalty programs, 20+ ways to earn points and many more

Gratisfaction – Loyalty, Rewards

Some of the major actions for which you can offer reward points to your customers are for buying products, writing reviews, and referring friends. Other than this, there is another way in which you can attract your customers to your online store – offering event-specific reward points.

This means giving extra rewards to users on special events like birthdays or anniversaries. The best part – you can do this with the Gratisfaction plugin.

It is no less than a must-have plugin if you run a WooCommerce store and want to boost leads and sales for your business.

Prime Features:

  • Easy to activate multiple types of referral programs
  • Easy to launch campaigns to attract users and increase user engagement
  • Possible to collect detailed information about the users
  • Incentivize the actions like visiting a specific page and filling a custom form
  • Add feature to pay using points
  • Free for 100 loyalty members and you have to move to a paid plan to add more members.

What do you think of the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin mentioned in this list? Did you try any of these plugins? Do you have any other suggestions? Share in the comments section.

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