FAQ Templates for Creating a Killer FAQ Page

FAQ Definition:

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions which is the list of questions and answers intended to help people understand a particular subject. Usually, you can find them on websites having FAQ pages.

Tip: You can also create a full customer help article knowledge base with WordPress, alsong with the FAQ page.

What Is A FAQ Page?

FAQ page is an important page on a website which has collection of most valuable information about your products and services that your customers ask repeatedly.

What is the purpose of a FAQ?

The main purpose of a FAQ page is to give the best answers for the most common and repeated questions which your customers ask about your product and services. It is the go-to page for finding answers to specific questions about your products or business operations.

Why is FAQ important?

A FAQ page is an essential and a must-have page for any type of websites.

The FAQ page is the 2nd most visited page that your potential customers go to after seeing your Home or Services pages.

An effective FAQ page can educate, inform, and guide the user towards the intended end goal, which could be booking your service or purchasing your product.

How do I write a good FAQ page?

Follow the steps below to write effective FAQs with the  best FAQ questions and answers.

  • Find your customers most nagging questions which need immediate answers.
  • Make a list of the questions and prioritize the questions based on most searched or most asked questions.
  • Answer the questions with short and precise answers, with a simple language.
  • Organize the FAQs into various categories and arrange them in a way that they have a flow.
  • If possible, provide a search bar so that your customers can search for the answer.

What are the benefits of a FAQ page?

  • Improve customer service by answering the customers most nagging questions.
  • Save time for your customer, especially for people who have shot attention span.
  • Enhance your search engine visibility so that people can easily find you.
  • Earn your customers trust by demonstrating product expertise.
  • Prevent product returns and customer complaints.

How do I create a FAQ?

To create an FAQ page or FAQ section on your website, you need to have a FAQ template. Usually, FAQs are designed in a collapsible form called Accordions, which can be open and closed with a click.

If you have a WordPress website, you can easily create beautiful FAQ pages because it has so many FAQ templates. We will see how to create FAQ pages on a WordPress website in this article.

FAQ Templates

If you have a WordPress website it is very easy to create FAQ pages and sections in collapsible content form. In WordPress there is a Helpie FAQ plugin contains FAQ templates with which you can create beautiful FAQ pages. See this article to install Helpie FAQ on your WordPress website. Helpie FAQ has built-in templates with which you can create 3 types of FAQs. There are,

Accordion FAQ

Accordion FAQ is a simple open and close collapsible FAQs. You can display them categorically and sort them based on highest user-engagement so that your customers find the best FAQs quickly.

Accordion with Media

Helpie FAQ supports many types of content, including media content. You can display Images, GIFs and Videos on your FAQ pages opening when clicked as Accordions. Adding graphic contents like images and videos can be very useful for customers to understand what you are trying to say. You could add product demo images or “How-to” videos on FAQs.

Toggle FAQ Template

Helpie FAQ also gives you Toggle FAQ option that is, when one Accordion is closed when other is opened. You can use this option to make sure that only one FAQ which the customer is reading is left open.

Create Your Own FAQ Template

If the options of Helpie FAQ plugin is not enough for you, you can create a FAQ template yourself. Helpie FAQ plugin can be integrated with Elementor page builder which allows you to create your own FAQ template from scratch. See this article to create your FAQ template.

What is a FAQ website?

An FAQ website which contains all the customer support related content. It could be a separate domain or a sub-domain of a website. It is much more than a single FAQ page. FAQ website usually contains all the customer help article arranged in a systematic manner with some fast search option.

You can create an effective FAQ website with Helpie Knowledge Base plugin which is the best WordPress knowledge base plugin. If you want more you can combine both Helpie FAQ and Knowledge base plugins to have both FAQ page and knowledge base articles.

Difference between FAQs and Knowledge Base Articles

FAQs are short and precise answers, which aims to give the best answers quickly.

Knowledge base articles are answers which aims to give elaborate step by step answers to guide the customers on every level.

You can combine both by writing short and precise FAQ answers on the FAQ page and linking them to their respective knowledge base content. By doing this, customers benefit by getting both short and elaborate answers.

FAQ Page Templates

If you are looking for FAQ page templates, you can find them on the Helpie demo sites. When you are using both Helpie Knowledge base and Helpie FAQ plugin, you can import the sites so that you have a ready-made FAQ website on your hand.

Ecommerce FAQ

FAQ is a very important for Ecommerce business. When you have an Ecommerce website, you would know that customers will have some doubts and questions about individual products and cannot make the purchase unless their questions are cleared. When you have Ecommerce FAQs that is a general FAQ page about your business operations  and a product FAQ section to answer product-specific questions would greatly help your ecommerce business.

Ecommerce FAQ Examples

If you have a FAQ section on your product page, it will be very useful for people to make the purchase decision. Even if you have a well written description and accurate images, customers will still have some doubts about what you are offering.

Most of the time, these kinds of customers questions are common or similar. So if you use an FAQ template on your product page to create product FAQs your customers will certainly benefit from it. Especially if your customers can ask the questions it would be very useful. It will also reduce your support load.

You can see this in all of the famous ecommerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Target etc.,

Amazon FAQ

FAQ section on Amazon product pages

Target FAQ

Target - customer question and asnwer section

Walmart FAQ

Walmart product question and answer section

BestBuy FAQ

Ecommerce FAQ Templates

If you have a WordPress Ecommerce site created using WooCommerce plugin you can easily create FAQ sections on your product pages. There is a Helpie FAQ plugin with FAQ templates for WooCommerce products. See this article to create a Ecommerce FAQs like in the example shown above.

Create Ecommerce FAQ section with WordPress and WooCommerce

With Helpie FAQ, you can also give a chance for your customers to submit questions directly from your FAQ section, which makes it very easy for you to provide customer support. Answer the matter once, and others can see and benefit from it.

What do you think of Helpie FAQ? Which FAQ template are you using? Do you think it needs more? Tell us in the comments section.

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