Reduce support tickets and skyrocket conversion rates

Helpie FAQ plugin integrates with Woocommerce, Elementor and Helpie KB plugins to improve your sales and support process.

Over 418 businesses, teams and communities use Helpie products.

Why people love Helpie FAQ


Woocommerce Integration

Add FAQs to your Woocommerce products.



Create awesome FAQ sections with Elementor page-builder.


Knowledge Base

Helpie FAQ can be integrated with Helpie Knowledge Base plugin.


Quick Answers to Users' Most Nagging Question

Helpie FAQ makes it super easy for your users to find answers to their most frequent, nagging and action-blocking questions.

Give Helpful Answers, Gain Credibility

Display helpful answers like most popular FAQs or recently added/updated FAQs and gain credibility by easing customer concerns.

Answer Product Specific FAQs on Product Pages

Helpie WP FAQ plugin can be integrated with WooCommerce plugin so that you can directly answer product-specific questions on product pages themselves.

What’s Inside

All the features you need, without the bloat.

  • Woocommerce Integration
  • Elementor Page-Builder Integration
  • Helpie Knowledge Base Integration
  • Shortcodes
  • Widgets
  • Live Ajax Search
  • Sorting
  • Filtering and Limit
  • Color Themes

FAQs for Helpie FAQ Plugin

  • Why is an FAQ section here?

    It would be odd if FAQ product doesn't have an FAQ section

  • Is Helpie FAQ plugin compatible with any theme?

    Yes, we have designed the plugin to be compatible with any theme.

  • Is Helpie FAQs better than Elementor Accordion/Toggle widgets?

    Yes it has better options than Elementor Accordion/Toggle widgets. You can add categories/tags to your FAQs. You can embed your FAQs anywhere with shortcode.

  • How can I embed FAQs?

    You can use shortcodes and embed FAQd anywhere on you website.

  • What is FAQ-Elementor integration?

    You can use Helpie FAQ as an Elementor element and decide which FAQS to include using categories.

  • What is FAQ-WooCommerce integration?

    FAQs can be created and added to the same categories and tags of WooCommerce products. You can also create an FAQ tab an individual Woo-products.

  • I still have a question?

    You can read our Helpie FAQ plugin Docs and if you still have doubts reach us by our Live chat on our website.

  • What People Say

    At Cropolis, we use Helpie WP to inform our farmers of best practices and of new ways that can be game-changing for their business.

    Helpie WP and the team behind the tool have been a critical factor in our success with technology adoption and usability.

    We love it!

    Taylor Shearer
    Co-Founder, COO Cropolis
    If you are looking for the best WordPress Knowledge Base plugin, you just found it!
    Matthijs Ariens
    The best WordPress Knowledge Base plugin with top notch support. Awesome work.
    Sarah Harwals

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