Introducing FAQ Insights in Helpie FAQ Pro v0.7

We have just released Helpie FAQ Pro v0.7 with FAQ insights feature. FAQ insights will help you get an accurate and deep understanding of what people are interested in your website.

What you couldn’t understand using Google analytics and other analytical tools, you can understand using Helpie FAQ insights.


How can FAQ Insights help you?


The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

– Carly Fiorina, CEO, Hewlett-Packard (Ex)

Understanding customers is a crucial thing for any business. When customers have a question, first place they’re going look is your FAQ page; then they may try contacting you through email. Many customers leave your website when they don’t find answers they are looking for. Most of them won’t email you.

You have to give them satisfying answers on your FAQ page. But how can you answer them when you don’t know what customers are searching. Helpie FAQ’s new FAQ Insight feature could give you the answer and it will help you understand your customers better.


Helpie FAQ Insights

Helpie FAQ mainly gives you 2 types of Insights:

  1. Search Insights
  2. Click Insights


Search Insights

When you have the FAQ Search bar enabled on your FAQ page, your users can search the questions on their mind. Using search insights you could get a deeper understanding of what people are searching on your FAQs.


FAQ search insights will give the

  • All the searched words
  • Number of times each search word was searched
  • Total number of searches

Click Insights

FAQ click insights will show

  • All the FAQs which were clicked
  • Number of times an FAQ is clicked
  • Total number of clicks on your FAQs

It always helps to know what FAQs people are mostly reading on your FAQ page. It enables you to understand what people are expecting from you. When you see what your users want, you could give better service or better options for them.


Other useful things inside FAQ Insight

  • It also has an FAQ events graph so that you could know when people are using your FAQ page the most
  • The FAQ event graph can be analysed for different time durations such as 7 days, 30 days, 1 year and all time using different tabs on the events graph.
  • There is also an “Reset All Insights” button on the top right so that you reset the insights once you have analysed all the data and you could plan for a new campaign


Are you interested in the FAQ insights, try Helpie FAQ Pro 7 days free trial!

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