Creating FAQs with Accordion and Toggle using Elementor and Helpie FAQ plugin

Helpie FAQ plugin is the only FAQ plugin for WordPress which is integrated with Elementor Page Builder for creating responsive accordion and toggle content. A good news to you – it’s free!

This comes with the perfect Elementor Accordion / FAQ Widget for you.

When you have Helpie FAQ plugin installed and activated on your WordPress site, you could add your FAQ content with categories. Helpie FAQ plugin, when used along with Elementor, gives you Helpie FAQ widget which you can use while editing your page with Elementor.

Using the Helpie FAQ Widget

Then to embed the FAQs as collapsible content on your webpage, you can use Helpie FAQ widget which you can find from the Elementor widget area. Just place the FAQ widget where you want to embed it, and the FAQ widget will be embedded. Then you can customise your FAQs just as you would with any other Elementor widget.

FAQ widget options:

The Helpie FAQ widget gives you a lot of options such as:

  • Title – Add any title to display
  • Show Search – choose to show FAQ search bar
  • Categories – FAQ groups to be displayed there
  • Theme – FAQ style choices
  • Display mode – choose from three display modes Simple Accordion, Category Accordion, Single Accordion by Category
  • Display Category Fields – display category description if necessary
  • Toggle (On / Off)
  • Open First FAQ Item  (On / Off)
  • Sort By – arrange FAQs by Alphabetical, Publish Date, Updated date . Arrange by User Engagement option only on premium.
  • Show Submission – (Pro feature) enables user FAQ submission
  • KB Categories and Woo Products –  Applicable while using Knowledge base and WooCommerce integration

With these options, you can customise your FAQ content to be displayed on the page. Not just that you can use Elementor’s styling options to change the background color, font color and typography,  and everything you basically do with Elementor styling. Sounds great, isn’t it!

Here’s a video showing how to use Helpie FAQ with Elementor:

Creative ways of using Helpie FAQ with Elementor:

So far we have seen some basic stuff about embedding FAQs. But why stop there let’s get more creative!

Besides embedding FAQs with Elementor widget, Helpie also has an option of displaying with shortcodes. There is a basic shortcode [ helpie_faq ] which will include all the FAQs with default settings (which you can change in the FAQ settings area). For more options, you can use Helpie shortcode builder to generate shortcodes with customised settings.

Read this article to know more about Helpie FAQ shortcode builder

Using Helpie FAQ with other Elementor Widgets

You can add this shortcode in the Elementor widget content area and display FAQ contents inside widgets like Tabs, Testimonials, Flip box, Slide, etc.,

Using Helpie for its Elementor Accordion Widget and Toggle

In this case, the content not necessarily is FAQ questions and answers. You could add any content and show them in Accordion or Toggle form. Here I’ve put shortcodes inside Elementor Tabs widget and display FAQ accordion inside the widget area on different tabs. Mind here that in Elementor you cannot put one widget on another, so it’s only possible with Helpie FAQ’s shortcodes.

You can also place Helpie FAQ shortcode on Testimonial Carousel widget and placed accordions inside the testimonials for example.

You can use many other Elementor widgets in this way and end up with creative designs showing collapsible content wherever you want!

What are you waiting for, get Helpie FAQ plugin now!


What do you think about this article? Have you tried Helpie with Elementor? Do you have more creative ways of creating Accordion and Toggle? Share your thoughts in the comments section. If you want to get updates on our blog please subscribe to Helpie blog.

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