5 Best Knowledge Management Software and Tools – 2023

A knowledge management tool help create a knowledge management system for a company or an organization. This knowledge management system enables the organization to capture, evaluate, store and share the knowledge which the organization acquired during its years of operation.

A knowledge base management system is a relatively new concept with various strategies which need to be properly implemented. The proper implementation of a knowledge management system requires the best tools. In this post, we give you the list of best knowledge management tools of 2023.

Knowledge Management Examples

Some examples of different knowledge management systems include:

Service portal – Customers and Employees access the documentation of the products and services of the company.

Project files (shared) – Employee teams can work collaboratively on a project.

Research files – A company has researched on its competitors and gathered information. Now their employees use this information to find out what is needed in their product or market niche.

Best Self-hosted Knowledge Management Tools & Software – 2023

The best thing about a self-hosted knowledge management tool is that you can have any number of users / agents. Self-hosted knowledge management tools require a hosting provider to host your knowledge management system software. The storage and speed of your knowledge management system would depend on the hosting plan you choose.

Helpie Knowledge Base

Helpie Knowledge Base is a self-hosted knowledge management software used as a plugin with WordPress CMS. It is a reliable and affordable tool for knowledge management for startups and small businesses. With Helpie, you can quickly create and share knowledge within an organization. It is also a great tool for creating a collaborative knowledge library for any use case like an internal team knowledge base, customer helpdesk, or a public facing wiki website.

It works with WordPress, which is beginner friendly platform. You can create your knowledge management website with Helpie and WordPress. Here are some resources to help you.

  1. Create a WordPress website
  2. Installing and using Helpie on your WordPress website

Best Features of Helpie Knowledge Management Tool for WordPress CMS

Content control and Access management – you can control who can add, edit, publish, and approve content. Access can be given to User Groups (roles) and individual Usernames.

Front-end editor – a text and media-rich visual editor like the one Medium.com has and with it you can add any type of content like text, images, GIFs, Video, etc.,

Revision System – can see the different versions of edited content and choose the best version to be published.

Advanced Styling and Branding – every part of Helpie knowledge base can be customized to match your brand.

Integrations -Since it uses WordPress, it leverages the ability to integrate with many other tools available.

  • It is a fully collaborative knowledge management tool, and it promotes knowledge sharing.
  • You get complete control of your knowledge repository.
  • It is a very affordable solution
  • Can have an unlimited number of agents and users
  • Can be integrated and customized to fit any of the use cases and needs like a CRM, Ticketing system, HR system, etc.,
  • Comes with all required knowledge base tools
  • Pre-made demos for knowledge management system examples


People have inhibitions because it uses the WordPress platform. But using WordPress is actually an advantage.

Helpie Knowledge Base Pricing

Helpie Knowledge base has 3 pricing plans based on the number of sites you need. All 3 plans have full features.

There is a 7-days free trial for Helpie Knowledge base.

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BlueSpice MediaWiki – Knowledge Management Software

BlueSpice is a self-hosted enterprise level knowledge management software. It is a version modified for business from free and open source MediaWiki software which powers Wikipedia. Since it powers Wikipedia, we know that it can handle a large quantity of content and users.
A self-hosted tool means that you need to find a suitable hosting provider. In this case of BlueSpice MediaWiki, you need specialized MediaWiki hosting to host your knowledge management software.
You get the most affordable MediaWiki hosting deal from A2Hosting. If you get hosting using the link provided here, you get a 51% discount and the plans could get as cheap as $ 3.92 per month.

Best Features of BlueSpice MediaWiki Software

Visual editor – easy to use visual editor also easy to insert pictures, documents, and categories
Quality Management – nominate reviewers and assign articles to specific editors
Permissions Management – Connect your MediaWiki centrally to your LDAP server or Active Directory


  • It is a reliable knowledge management tool.
  • Quite flexible and has many useful extensions to extend its functionality.


  • The free version is very basic. Though the Pro version is not very costly, you need to find a good MediaWiki hosting. Hosted plans may not be affordable for small businesses.
  • If you are not from a programming background, you may need to hire a programmer to set up and maintain the tool. These things will require additional expenditure.

BlueSpice MediaWiki Pricing

There are 2 kinds of plans. Self-hosted and Hosted plans.

  • Self-hosted – has 3 plans charging at 3.5 €, 4.5 €, and 7.7 € / year. All of the plans have full features. Pricing variation is for support.
  • Hosted – 2 hosted plans; BlueSpice pro XL 185 € / month and BlueSpice pro XXL 265 € / month. The difference is only in storage capacity.

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Best Hosted (SaaS) Knowledge Management Software & Tools – 2023

Most of the knowledge management tools available today are hosted (SaaS) tools, and it is a highly competitive market. But they are all feature rich and could be very useful for the growth of your organization.

One of the important challenges with hosted knowledge management software tools is that they charge for each user using them, so it is a progressive fee. They charge a monthly subscription, which is also costly for small business owners.

Zoho Wiki – Knowledge Management Software

Zoho Wiki is an effective knowledge management software to create and share knowledge within teams and organizations.

Best Features of Zoho Wiki Software

Workspaces – can create and manage workspaces and assign users to each workspace

Customizable –  customize logos, layouts, and banners like you need

Integrations –  can embed Zoho’s products or other third-party widgets like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.,


  • It has got a practical WYSIWYG editor, and you can insert URLs & tables, play with pictures / images, etc.,
  • It is affordable compared to other SaaS knowledge management tools in the market.


This tool could not use used for customer-facing knowledge management like a helpdesk. Zoho has another product called Zoho Desk which doesn’t share Zoho Wiki collaborative capabilities.

Zoho Wiki Pricing

Zoho Wiki has 2 pricing plans

  • Free – Up to 3 users and 50 MB storage. Not very useful.
  • Business – $3 per user (billed monthly) or $2.7 per user (billed annually)

The customer-facing knowledge management tool Zoho Desk charges $15 per agent (billed monthly) and $12 per agent (billed annually) on their professional plan.

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ServiceNow – Knowledge Management Software

ServiceNow is a cloud computing company which provides many types of service management software. Their knowledge management software is a robust, powerful, and an easy to use solution for customers, employees, agents, and everyone involved in the organization.

You can be integrated with the service portal to help customers and employees quickly find solutions. It can  also be integrated with other management tools like HR Service system, IT Service Management, Operations Management, etc.,

Best Features of ServiceNow Knowledge Management Software

Customized Search – gives advanced filtering and sorting options on the search results page

In-Context Knowledge Creation – create new knowledge articles using the new incidents to which the agents respond

Group Ownership – assign articles to content ownership groups and enable teams to manage the content


  • It has WorkFlow capabilities with which you can customize the workflow of the knowledge articles in your company or department
  • ServiceNow has so many other products for organizations with which you could easily integrate the knowledge management tool.


  • You may need to hire professionals to manage your management tool.
  • Employees need training before they can use ServiceNow tools.

ServiceNow Pricing

ServiceNow pricing differs from case to case, and pricing is monthly subscription (can be paid annually) and charged based on the number of users. ServiceNow customers are not allowed to disclose the fee they are paying, but some of them discreetly shared on online forums. All of them may more than $100 per month.

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Tettra – Knowledge Management Software

Tettra is an excellent tool for knowledge management within internal teams in organizations. It is a team knowledge management software for various departments, including Customer Support, HR, Product Management, Operations, and Engineering teams.

Best Features of Tettra Knowledge Management Software

Easy to use editor – the editor is straightforward and no need to use a special markup language

Slack integration – It is engineered for Slack so that you can convert your conversation and discussions into documents.

Single sign-on with Slack – can easily login with the existing Slack accounts


  • It can be integrated with many online tools like Google Docs, GitHub, Dropbox, Slideshare, etc.,
  • You can aggregate all your work in one place.


  • Important features and integrations are only available on the top-tier plan
  • The Free plan is not practical.

Tettra Pricing

  • Free plan is very basic with limited pages, storage, and features.
  • Growing plan charges $39 per month for 5 users and an additional $10 per month per 5 users. It has important integrations and some added features from the free plan.
  • Scaling plan charges $99 per month for 5 users and an additional $20 per month per 5 users. You get full features and all the integrations.

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What do you think of our list? What knowledge management tool are using? Share in the comments below.

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