Top 15 Best Product Review Sites For 2022

Are you looking for the best product review sites to find a reliable source of product reviews? Do you want to list your products on review websites having ‘Top 10 review’ kind of posts? Want to find the best review websites in the world? Do you want to find a product review website to see the ratings and reviews for products you want to buy?

You have come to the right place. Hundreds of review sites who get paid for writing reviews and cannot be trusted. In this post, we give you reliable product review websites which you see before you buy any products online.

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Product Review Websites

According to a recent report from ReadyCloud, 

59% of consumers, scout reviews from 2-3 different review sites before buying and 87% of consumers place as much trust in a product review as they would in a word-to-mouth.

The power of product reviews in the online world is a well-known factor. The truth is every review site on the internet is biased in its own way. But there are really bad ones with fake reviews from which you have to keep away.
But it is important to have a reliable review site that you can go to when you don’t have a lot of time to spend on Google Search

Types of Product Review Sites

There are 2 main types of product review websites.

  • General product review site and
  • Niche product review sites

There are consumer review websites where products are reviewed and rated by fellow consumers like you and there are expert review sites where experts in the respective fields test and review the products.

In a General review site, there are multiple product categories and there could be several hundreds and thousands of products in each category. First, let’s see the General product review sites.

Create a Review Section on a Website:

Do you want to create a review section on a website to get reviews and ratings from your customers? Do you want to post Top 10 reviews post in your website?
It’s good that you get reviews from 3rd part product review sites. But on 3rd party sites, you can get fake product reviews or unfair reviews that might reduce your sales and conversions.

You can use StarCat Reviews to create a product review site just like any of the best product review sites in the world in just less than 5 minutes. When you get customer reviews on your own site you can easily moderate and promote the product reviews that help your business.

Top Product Review Websites – 2022

Note: Since we are covering product review sites exclusively, we are not going to include other types of reviews sites such as business review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Angie’s List, etc.,

1. Best Products

The team at Best Products spends hundreds of hours a week researching products and conducting hands-on tests, and also doing market research, and reviewing consumer feedback to write product reviews that they think the audience will find helpful.

This site includes product reviews from various categories such as tech, fashion, beauty, parenting, home decor, men’s style, travel, food, cars & accessories, and many more.

They have a list of top recommendations for each product category, which are very useful when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. They also claim to have unbiased reviews that you can check out for yourself.

They also have a YouTube channel in which they have videos of the products they test.

2. Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping is a women’s magazine that includes reviews of products tested by The Good Housekeeping Institute. They test a variety of products from home appliances, beauty products, electronics, kid’s toys, fitness, kitchen items, and more.

The idea behind this website is to find the best household products that you can buy for your house and if you are shopping for your home you can search for reviews in Good Housekeeping.
A good thing about this product review website is that if the content is sponsored by a partner, it is clearly labeled so you can expect bias from that content.

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3. Amazon – Product Reviews

Though Amazon is an ecommerce website, it is increasingly becoming a source of good product reviews. The customer reviews section of Amazon products is a good source of reviews. On Amazon, you can simply see the sheer volume of reviews to separate the good products from the bad. Some of the customer reviews also include photos from unboxing and usage which are also very useful.

Amazon has taken lots of steps to make its customer reviews as reliable as possible. But there could be fake reviews and biased reviews still. So focus on the key pros and cons mentioned in the reviews.

You can create an Amazon Affiliate Store and earn affiliate commissions from Amazon.

4. MouthShut


MouthShut is a user-generated product review website and could also be said as a customer review platform. Here users who are customers of a product or a business have to log in and give their reviews and ratings.

Besides the product ratings and reviews, they have a Buyer’s guide on many products and categories from Home Appliances, Cars & Accessories and even extends to Airliners. It’s a one-stop place for product reviews from users.

There is a moderation process through which all reviews go through but since it’s totally user-generated will have user bias. So read multiple reviews before making the purchase.

Pro Tip: Tables are an integral part of any good product review site. You could find tables such as the Product Comparison table, Pricing table, Product Specification table, Product Catalog table, and more. You can create any kind of table easily in WordPress for free with Tablesome.


5. WireCutter

WireCutter started as a gear and gadgets reviews website but now it has grown as a general product review website. It aims to make your shopping easier by giving the list of best items in all the product categories with their pros and cons.

They recommend items that are of high enough quality to warrant the price, but not items that cost more for extra features you’ll rarely use. This helps you to buy the product which is the best fit for your purpose, rather than the best-rated product in the category.

They earn by affiliate commissions from the products you buy through their referral but they try to give unbiased reviews by instructing their employee to give honest reviews, irrespective of the affiliate commissions.

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Top Niche-Based Product Review Sites

The niche-based product review sites are more specific for niche markets or even other sub-categories inside the niches. So if you are looking for product review sites with expert reviews, these top product review sites will be very helpful.

1. CNET – is a news blog website that publishes reviews of the latest technology and custom electronic products. There is an expert review given by the CNET team which also allows for users to rate and review the various technology products.

2. Digital Trends – It’s another technology news website that has reviews, guides, and how-to-articles on customer electronic products such as smartphones, video games and systems, laptops, PCs and peripherals, televisions, home theater systems, digital cameras, video cameras, tablets, and more.

3. Gadgets 360 – It’s an electronic gadget review website based in India that focuses on smartphones, laptops, and PCs. It also allows users to give their reviews. It gives some good deals which are exclusive to this website.

4. Tom’s Hardware – This review site contains reviews and how-to guides of various computers and computer parts, accessories, and more. It’s an all-in-one place for PCs.

5. Capterra – It’s a software review website for many categories of software products. Here software companies will list their software which will be reviewed by their customers.

6. Grills Forever – They review different Grills used in cooking. They also have some teaching content on how to cook with grills

7. Get a Coffee Maker –  It’s a product review site for coffee grinders and coffee makers. If you love coffee, should check it out.

8. Instant GroomingThey review all the latest products for grooming such as Electronic Razor, Beard Trimmers, Head Shavers, and more. Men who are focused on self-grooming should certainly check it out.

9. Design My Costume –  As the name suggests it’s a site for costume designing. They have a review of different tools used for costume designing.

10. The Soothing Air  It’s a review website for Air-Coolers, Air-purifiers,  Heaters, Humidifiers, De-Humidifiers,  Air-conditioners, and many more.

Hope the best review websites in the world listed in this article helps you promote your business and products.

Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section.

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    1. We only have one remaining, impartial product review site left in Australia – Other review sites are set up by/for businesses to increase sales. For example, many businesses “steal” good reviews from them to put at the bottom of their own web pages.

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