Best Intranet Software – 2020 – Comparison

Companies have confidential data for which access is restricted to a limited group of people and it is kept in private from the general public. They set up private networks in which they store and share this information known as the Intranet and there are specific software known as Intranet software. It is important to choose the best and affordable Intranet software for your company.

Before we get into the best intranet software lets first try to understand what Intranet is and how it is useful to any company and to those of you who already know what Intranet is and just want to know the best options you have out there in the market then you can skip this part.

What is an Intranet? 

Intranet can be defined as “a local or restricted communications network, especially a private community network created using World Wide Web software”. A company uses intranet software for its employees to use it to communicate or share documents or information through a private and secure website within the company. An intranet is usually accessed internally by employees often hosted and maintained on company servers.

What are the Applications of Intranet?

Easy Access and Management

One of the main applications of an Intranet is to make easy the process of managing documents and content and also to make it accessible for everyone at their fingertips. Anyone within the company who is part of the Intranet could access the content and even search for specific documents or files through search capabilities.

Effective Task Completion

The intranet system lets the employees generate and view information whenever required. Tasks like Form Processing and Timely Request Processing can be achieved now and then, so the employees can be up to date on the workflow, reports, forms, employee details, etc., and be able to respond and act upon the business tasks quickly and effectively.

Access Restriction and Password Protection

Every company has confidential data like company plans, personal information, financial data, policies, etc., which should be shared only to a set of people and not to everyone. For such cases, every intranet comes with password-protected security layers that will block unauthorized visits and that way you can be at peace from misuse or theft of your important data.

Now let’s look at a few of the best Intranet software – 2020, that is available and used by the top companies so far.

HelpieKB – WordPress based Intranet Software

HelpieKB is a WordPress based collaboration tool to create a self-hosted wiki to collaboratively create and edit wiki pages on your Intranet. You can create, restrict and manage documents with a Rich-text (WYSIWYG) and Media editor.

It can be a smart and affordable alternative to costly Intranet software that charge you a monthly subscription for every member or employee in your company Intranet.

Key features of HelpieKB:

  • Unlimited Styling Options. Just check out some of the demos made just with Helpie’s settings
  • Access Restriction and Publishing capabilities: you can decide who gets to view, write, edit, moderate and publish content
  • You can control it at global, topic, article levels. We now call it Dynamic Capabilities. It’s awesome. Learn More.
  • Revision system with an unlimited number of revisions and you can choose the best version of the edited page
  • Front-end editor for creating and editing wiki contents with a Rich Text and Media editor
  • Powerful Search with keyword-weight control
  • With HelpieKB you get a dedicated customer support team to help you every step of the way. You can also get service for setting up your wiki for a minimal payment

Other Advantages of Choosing a WordPress Intranet:

  • Unlimited members – HelpieKB doesn’t limit the number of members/employees in your company Intranet wiki
  • WordPress environment is beginner-friendly, and very flexible so you can add any feature you want to your company Intranet. Also, you don’t need coding knowledge to use it
  • You can make use of the vast number of plugins and themes available for WordPress. Many of them are free
  • You own your data. Since you host your Intranet software in your server your data is safe and secure

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HelpieKB is priced at $49/yr for a single domain with unlimited members. WordPress CMS is free software.  So its the most affordable option comparing all other alternatives.

Happeo Intranet Software:

Happeo is an Intranet Software that provides collaborative features and social networking to improve employee communications and other internal communications within the company. It is specifically made to be used with G Suite tools(Google Suite).

Key features of Happeo:

  • Branding can be done to match your company brand
  • Create and personalize Intranet pages with no need for external support
  • Gives you an open stage for open project discussions, ideas or quick questions and engagement analytics can be seen with Google tools
  • Can create a searchable internal employee directory
  • Provides SSO authentication for better security
  • Since it is integrated with G Suite the user data is all stored in Google Cloud
  • Can be integrated with Slack
  • Intranet pages can be customized with Dynamic content widgets using Happeo’s own editing tool
  • ISO 27001 Certification
  • GDPR compliant
  • Mobile friendly
  • Dedicated Customer support team available


You have to request a quote with your requirements. Charged for each member.

Samepage Intranet Software:

Samepage is an Intranet software that focuses on collaborative working and built to improve teamwork. It can be used by small teams to big teams, enterprises and teams of all sizes to manage projects, store files, share ideas, and even communicate with the team.

It could be used from within or outside of the company. There is a free plan that can be used for personal work and micro teams.

Key features of SamePage:

  • Easy to organize project content and communicate between team members.
  • Instant messaging, group chat, team chat, etc,
  • Screen sharing, group voice/video calls, @ mentions, unlimited chat history, etc,
  • Real-time collaboration, diagrams, videos, surveys, tables, etc,
  • HTML, code snippet, timestamps, page history, etc,
  • File sharing, synchronization, direct file editing, cloud file integration, etc,
  • Team task list, assignees, report, etc,
  • Integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft one drive, SSO, Zapier and other social media


The premium plan starts from 6.50 for 1 member per month

Exo Platform Intranet Software:

Exo Platform is a workplace software that is useful for employee engagement in a company though Team Connection, Communication, Collaboration and getting the work done.

Multiple sites can be hosted. It also offers a growing list of supported languages like English, French, Italian, etc. It can be managed and monitored for  Caches, App speed, etc.,  with the help of dashboard or JMX and REST interface.

Key features of Exo Platform:

  • Easy to customize pages through a drag and drop feature
  • Gives you employee Profiles and Directory
  • Displays activity streams through which you can follow the activities of the people
  • Provides collaboration spaces with dashboards, discussion forums, calendars, etc.
  • Documentation of action plan and reports can be done through the wiki
  • Has a Forum with Unified search, web conferencing, Tasks, etc,
  • Offers easy content editing and publishing, with file and digital asset management


Offers separate plans for Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite and the plans start from $5.00 for 1 member per month

Jive Intranet Software:

Jive is an Intranet software that can be used for small projects to big company-wide initiatives for fast and frictionless collaboration. It brings together the employees with content and resources in central, organized spaces where they can meet, plan and execute the projects.

It offers a Facebook-like interface that a company’s employees can use to discuss, collaborate and share information.

Key Features of Jive Software:

  • Provides personalized news streams both on mobile and desktop with comment and share capabilities
  • You can share any media files including HD videos of your own or from streaming sites such as YouTube, Vimeo or other services
  •  Has a blogs option to share ideas, inspire and inform and urgent notifications
  • Comes with an Inbox to manage all sorts of communications, like email, notifications from external systems all in one place
  • Space and groups, outside collaborators, task management, file sharing, polls, etc
  • Can connect with people through social networking and people directory
  • Offers Enterprise-level search, intelligent recommendations, Ideation, and more powerful features
  • Provides useful insights such as community health and adoption, impact metrics, sentiment analysis, personal analytics and more
  • Integrated with G Suite, Skype, Microsoft, Evernote, etc., and has a Cloud storage
  • Provides Antivirus protection, Records retention, eDiscovery and more.


You have to request a quote with your requirements. Charged for each member.

Glasscubes of Intranet Software:

Glasscubes is an Intranet software that provides a digital workspace for a platform designed for secure file sharing, task management, remote teamwork, group Intranet, knowledge management and more. It helps businesses however small or large as they can be to collaborate and work together as a team.

Key features of Glasscubes:

  • All your files in one place, accurate info guaranteed and always synchronized
  • Gives you online whiteboards for any device, quick content collaboration, reporting and auditing, document acceptance and approval
  • Easy team collaboration, task management, project planning tools, and online project workspaces
  • Provides useful features such as Task time tracking, storing and sharing project files and shared calendars
  • Accredited by UKAS with the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Systems certification and by IASME Consortium with the Cyber Essentials certification


Has multiple pricing plans based on storage with a team plan starting from £25 for 5 users and  £3 for every additional user.

OnSemble Intranet Software:

OnSemble is an Intranet software that is great for any company that is looking for a flexible, secure platform to improve collaboration, communication, employee engagement and to serve customers better, accomplish goal alignment, manage training, on-boarding and more.

Key features of OnSemble:

  • Gives every member a dashboard with alerts, polls, document management, Form management,
  • There is an Employee directory with activity feed
  • Intranet can be accessed on Mobile devices and also gives you a Mobile directory
  • Can create beautiful intranet pages with a drag and drop builder
  • The customizable theme, discussion boards, content editor, content carousel, calendars, blogs, announcements
  • Easy management of  Users, Vendors, Teams and Workshops, Tasks and System permissions
  • Get actionable insights on Inventory, security, search, room reservation, reports, and analytics
  • Provides instant messages and request management


You have to request a quote with your requirements. Charged for each member.

With so many Intranet software in 2020 to choose from, hope this list helps you to choose the one. The best Intranet for your company or team and hope it gives you a platform that will better your work efficiency.

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